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How would you like to have more joy in your life, a healthier body and a happier home?

Do you want to improve your lifestyle, your work results and your self-esteem?

Adoreneon will show you various ways of how you can take the initiative and create a happier, healthier and more meaningful life for yourself and the people around you, with just a few little changes to your current one.

Fall in love with this colourful slice of bliss, that may change your life just when you needed it to.


… where Positivity and Creativity collide.



This section shall help you live a happier, balanced & more meaningful life. Giving you food for thought and powerful methods for reaching your goals. Showing you easy ways how YOU can make a difference and your mark in life.



Tips combines a list of topics about a happier lifestyle and better relationships; on how you can simplify your life and save the money to enjoy what you are aiming for; as well as helpful advise on blogging, photography, business and travel.



A collection of Adoreneon’s tips & tricks for a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle, with topics on wellness, nutrition, fitness, body care and easy-to-make organic remedies; to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.



Crafts is a pool of interesting ideas, up-cycling projects and easy to follow tutorials on home, decor, jewellery making and fashion; as well as party decorations, fun projects for kids and little crafty endeavours to spoil your pets.



This section combines tips & tricks on household, home and garden, that are showing you ways to make your life easier and your home safer; as well as DIY tutorials, that will make you want to get your tool box out and re-design your space.



In this section you will find Adoreneon’s own variety of delicious, easy to make, food-intolerance friendly, animal-cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. From healthy starters, meals and desserts, to juicy drinks and innovative party food.



This is a constantly growing letter forrest, containing interviews with inspiring people, reviews of need-to-have-seen Bucket-List media and some of Adoreneon’s published and (until now) unpublished written artwork and poetry.



Displaying a fast expanding stock image library of Adoreneon’s own personal photography portfolio; filled with beautiful, downloadable, high quality photographs. With unlimited access for all visitors and readers of Adoreneon.



Freebies will link you to all posts with free downloads, printables, eBooks, and anything else that Adoreneon is giving away for free. Ensuring, that you don’t miss out on anything, especially when you are new to this blog.

What this website aims for:

Adoreneon was founded on Valentine’s Day, 2015 - the day of love, bliss and gratitude.

It aims to incite people to think and to question their lifestyle and opportunities; inspiring them to re-evaluate their situations and daring them to risk a change to their every-day routine, to allow them to inch up on their goal, of living the Good Life … sooner.

This website & Adoreneon’s work has been featured here:


The Voice behind Adoreneon:

Madlen Tittmann (born in June 1980) is a native German freelance blogger, multi-creative, nature-lover, general nurse and holistic therapist. She is living and working since 2007 in Northern Ireland, improving her English language skills, (among pursuing various other things).

Her kaleidoscopic interests and decades of expertise are mirrored in Adoreneon’s diverse topics.

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