✒ How To Make A Dreamcatcher Pendant

Making wire jewellery isn’t as complicated as it looks. All you need is the right materials and patience, to complete the task.

A Dreamcatcher is quite easy to make and is pretty much the same process, no matter what kind of materials you use to make yours.

I’ve chosen copper wire in 2 different gauges and gemstone beads.


Here is a list of what you will need:

  • copper wire (1mm)
  • copper wire (0.4mm) or smaller
  • Honey Jade beads (4mm)
  • Dragon Vein Agate beads (8mm)
  • wire cutter
  • round pliers
  • flat pliers
  • a small empty thread coil




Choose the wire you’d like to use.




Form a circle with the thicker wire. Choose the wire long enough to double or even triple the hoop, before you close it and form a bail with the end bits.

I bent my wire in the middle and used the connected end bit to form the bail, while using the open end bit to close and lock the hoop.

Make sure, the wire is properly tugged in and wont loosen over time.




You then take at least 1m of the thinner wire and coil it up on the empty thread holder. This way you’ll have it a lot easier to coil your wire hoop. You will see what I mean when you’re at it.




Then start coiling your thin wire thread around the hoop that you’ve made with the thick wire. Make sure the start and end bits are neatly tugged away and that you keep tightening your coiled wire, to leave no gaps. You can use your fingernail for this or the edge of the coil roll.




When you’re finished coiling the hoop, take a few bits of your thinner wire, about a foot long and fold them in the middle, place them with the closed end somewhere on and around your hoop hugging the coiled wire and start twisting them into little spider webs. Start at the top and work your way downwards.

For a tighter web, when two different wire strands are about to touch, bend both apart and use one wire from each strand to twist the next bit of the next strand in a different direction. Don’t just sling them around each other when passing




You may want to add your smaller gemstone beads to single strands of the web. Make sure you chose beads with a hole big enough to fit over the twisted wires. That looks nicer and enables the beads to glide and move on the wire.




It might take a while and become a bit confusing, but keep up the spirit and concentrate.




When you’ve woven a web across your entire hoop, try to aim for 3 spots on the bottom of your hoop, where you now form 3 bases for attaching your charms.




For making the charms you’ll need about a hand long of the thicker wire each. Fold your wire bits in the middle and shape little feather like structures.

You may want to practise a little, before you add your precious gemstone beads.




Whenever you’re confident with the design, fold your wire bits, add some gemstone beads to one side and shape the feather around them. Again, make sure that all the end bits are neatly tugged away, so the structure won’t open later and lose your charms.

Add a shorter bit of wire, hook and secure on end on your feather… add some more beads and hook and secure the other end on the base of your hoop, right next to a web-wire ending.




Coil the wire ending around the hook of the charm and tuck the end in neatly.




Do this for all 3 endings and charms.





Find a nice strap, to use as your necklace.

I’ve chosen a quite long one (no leather, of course, as I’m a vegan), to go with my style of fashion.




You can now use it yourself, sell it, or gift wrap it to make it a beautiful, made-with-love present for someone special.




PS: Just if you wonder about the surface I’ve worked on, I’ve had a lazy evening in bed with my Chihuahua pup Willow when making this. So please forgive me the lower quality of the pictures, as the sun was setting and the bumpy background. Cheers  ;)

Here is a nice picture of it, just for you xx




I hope you’ll enjoy making your own.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Little imperfections make it unique.

Much success!


And please leave a comment if you have any questions or want to say something about this project. I’m here to help.

Check out my other projects, too.

Enjoy! xxxx

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