✒ Craft Tutorial: How To Make Fabric Flowers

These flowers are stunningly beautiful and make fantastic presents and decorations. From baby showers to weddings, birthdays and party decoration, brooches and hair clips… Whatever you love.



Really easy and quick to make, you will only require a few things to start with.

  • Taffeta or Organza fabric
  • Needle and Thread
  • small Seed Beads
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Candle and Lighter
  • Bowl with Water
  • Pen



1. You make yourself some round stencils with the cardboard and pen. You can use cups, glasses and small plates to help you make perfect circles. Chose diameters that vary in about 1/2 inch (1,5 cm) and make them slightly bigger as you want your flowers to be. Don’t go too small, as the fabric rounds will shrink and you might burn your fingers later.  ; )



2. Chose 3 stencils for the taffeta flowers, or more for the organza flowers.

Remember, the size of your finished flower will be slightly smaller than the stencils are.



3. Cut your fabric in circles with the help of your stencils. They don’t need to be perfect. The more imperfect they are the more natural they look. “Unique” is what you aim for.  ; )
For the taffeta flowers, you will only need 3 fabric circles in different sizes.
For the organza flowers you will need 2 or 3 layers each, regarding how full you want your flower to look.
Also, for the organza flowers, cut the outer edges in, to create petals. Stay about 1 inch away from the circle centre when you cut in the larger fabric circles, about 1/2 inch when you cut in the smaller ones.



4. Light the candle and prepare a bowl of water to keep nearby, in case your fabric will catch fire. Make sure you work in a safe environment.



5. Hold the fabric slightly curved (in the direction you want it to shape and bend) either by resting it on your fingertip or by pinching the base of the single petals between your fingers in half.
Then hold the edge of the fabric for a brief moment, about 1 inch above the flame of the candle (not directly into the flame!). The heat will melt and seal the fabric’s edges and bend the fabric toward the direction you shaped it. Be very careful and maybe practise first with some fabric rest pieces.



6. Proceed bit by bit, until all the edges are sealed all around.



7. Chose a few seed beads, a tread and needle.
Align the centres of the fabric circles with the curved sides up. Then sew the beads on through the middle, to combine all elements.



8. If you want, you can attach a small felt circle to the back, to be able to glue the flower to a surface. But you can also sew on a hair clip or hair band, a brooch needle … Or sew the flowers directly to clothes, handbags, or create other beautiful decorations with them.

The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with your stunning and lasting spring flowers.


Photo by: MT

  • March 10, 2015
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