✒ DIY Pet Carrier And Sleeping Bag

This is a beautiful and very useful creation, to show your caring love to your small pets.

I came to make my first one almost 6 years ago, when my baby Chihuahua puppy refused to leave my side, when cooking or doing my housework. To keep her in my embrace AND to be able to use both hands, I came up with the idea of a “kangaroo bag”, as we call it, which we were using every day since.

My first version also had an adjustable waist belt with snap closure, that came out of the bottom corners of the bag and was meant to stamp the bag close to my body. But over the years, I found it rather irritating, as it scared my puppy, when I was bending over forward, tipping the bag; as well as when I used the bag inside out as her sleeping bag, the snap closure was always a hard object inside.

Since the old bag finally started to come apart (after 6 years of daily use), I decided, to make a simpler version and supply you with the tutorial to spoil your little heartbreaker with a cuddle blanky bag, that it won’t be able to live without anymore.  ;)


You’ll need:

a Baby Blanket or a soft Throw
patterned Fabric for the outside
about 1.5m Nylon Strap, get it a little longer, just in case
a 30m roll of strong Thread


To find your right measurements, take the length between the hindside of your pet (it’s bum) and its jaw line. As your pet will probably sit or stand on its hind legs when inside the bag, you want your bag a bit longer, that your pet won’t be able to jump out of it easily.
Make the bag wide enough for your pet to curl up inside if necessary.
Cut the blanket in your measurements. Add 2 inches to all sides.
Cut the fabric with an additional inch added to all sides.


Chose the strap long enough to have it around your neck, alongside the entire bag and overlapping on the bottom. Angle the ends of the strap to build an inwards curved supporting base for the bag and sew the ends together. You might want to double up the stitching depending on the weight of your little angel. This doesn’t have to look pretty as it will be hidden inside. As long as the stitching is tough enough to protect your little one.


Fold the piece of blanket you’re using inside out and sew around the sides, leaving the top opening untouched.


Attach the strap to your piece of blanket as shown above.
Stitch the middle point of each strap base to one side of the Middle of the bottom of your blanket bag.
Sew the touching points of the stitched strap ends both to one and the same side of the bottom of the bag.
Attach the strap on two more points to the side hems of the bag.


When attaching the strap to the side of the blanket bag, leave about 2 inches of space to the top opening of the bag. You want to be able to fold it over, without having the strap in the way.


Sew around 3 sides of the inside out turned fabric, leaving the top side open.
Pick up the hem in both bottom corners, to create a slight indent of the bag corners, strengthening their hold later.


Lay the inside out turned blanket bag on top of the inside out turned fabric back, with both openings facing away from you.

Attach the corners of the fabrics bag to the corners of the strap, framing the blanket bag.
Also, attach the middle point of one layer of the fabric bag to the middle point of the blanket bag on one side. Both slightly above the hemline, to the middle of the strap.


Turn your creation over and attach the second layer of fabric to the other side of the blanket bag, also onto the middle of the strap. This will give the bag more support and a nicer shape.


Keep the fabric bag and the blanket bag turned inside out and lying on top of each other.
Sew the hems of the fabric bag in 2 or 3 places alongside the middle of the strap to the sides of the blanket bag. Leave the top 2 inches untouched.
Then push the fabric over the blanket bag, so you’ll have the soft side of the blanket inside the bag and the right side of the fabric facing out.


Roll up the hem of the fabric bag until it sits comfortably underneath the overlapping hem of the blanket bag, that faces outside. Make sure that the fabric bag is slightly more baggy than the blanket bag inside, as you don’t want the blanket to wrinkle up inside, making it uncomfortable and tight to sit in for your pet.
Keep the hem in shape by stitching it in some spots into place.


Then overlap the fabric bag’s hem with the hem of the blanket bag and sew through all layers of one side, to create a strong all over hem.
Keep the strap facing forward on both sides and attach it to the hem on the front side of the bag, leaving the hem on the back facing side of the bag slightly looser than the one on the front.


Pick up the top hem on the back side of the bag on two equally measured points and sew through all layers, to tighten the top hem on the back of the bag as well.


Almost finished.
You may want to decorate your bag. But be careful and use only soft, flat things to attach to your bag, as your pet will feel them, when laying on the inside out turned version of the bag / the sleeping bag side.
I chose a sew on dog image I have cut out of a baby tshirt I got in the sale.


Willow loves her bag. And since I have chosen good quality materials and very strong thread, this bag will make her happy for at least another 6 years.

WARNING: Please make sure to tuck the strap inside, when using the bag as a sleeper, so that your pet can’t tangle up in it and strangle itself. Thank you!


I hope you have fun making yours and that your pet will love it as much as Willow loves hers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any problems or questions.


Photos by: MT

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