✒ How To Start Your Own Succulent Nursery

I grew up on the country side and always wanted my own little garden.
If you like to grow your own greens and adore plants like I do, an indoor garden is a must.

I will show you how to start growing succulents, a plant species that lives naturally in drier areas of the world, quite good for people with the habit of forgetting to water their plants from time to time.    ;)

They can be easily kept in your garden and of course on your desk, to calm you visually when stress is trying to take over.

Here is an easy to follow manual, for getting your nursery up and running.




You’ll need:
Gravel tray
Seed tray
Cactus soil
Propagator lid
Spray water bottle

You may also want to get:
Cutting Pliers



1. Fill the cactus soil into your seed tray. Keep it quite loose, but smoothen the surface a little.



Make sure your gravel tray is underneath the seed tray at all times, to leave less of a mess behind.

You need 2 trays, so the excessive water can drain out of the soil. If you would just use a gravel tray, without holes in it, the water can’t drain out and the plants will die.



2. If you are planning on planting different seeds, you might want to keep them separated. You can do this, by pulling a line. Use wire hooks, that you can make yourself and attache the treads to them.



I’ve made 6 hooks, that I can pin into the soil, …



… or even hook onto the sides of my plant box.



3. Now measure the length of your thread lines, knot and attach the hooks to your box.



Your result should look somewhat like this.



4. You can now form little lollipop label holders from the same wire, so you won’t lose track of the kinds of seeds your planting.



5. Now spread your seeds across the surface of the soil. Don’t sow them too close to each other, as they will root where they fall.



6. Pin your labels in.



7. Spray water in the widest and softest setting over your entire soil and seeds.
Stay close to the surface and spray enough water, to supply the seeds with the necessary amount for them to swell.
Don’t soak the soil entirely, as they grow in dryer surroundings and may not be able to cope with too much moisture.
Tip: You may want to consider collecting rain water, as this will be the most natural watering solution and chemical free.



8. And last: Put on the propagator lid, to keep the seeds warm and moist in the first few days. This will help them to propagate. Make sure to check on them very regularly in the first days, to make sure the box drains well and the seeds don’t start to foul.
If you’re past that and your seeds get little roots, you’re good to go.

Put your mini-incubator in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight and check on your succulent babies at least once daily.

Good luck with your happy-plant nursery.

If you have any other or more suggestions, please be so kind and add them to the comment section below. Thank you.

Cover Photo by: TCartdesign
Tutorial Photos by: MT

  • August 13, 2015
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