✒ Poem: Avalanche

The Heartbeat slowing’
Temperature lowing’
How many Breaths are left?
Some Worlds apart
From what my Heart
Once longed’ and couldn’t get.
No Future PLANs
Can Be arranged,
All Dreams are with the Wind.
Now that I’m stuck,
All Exits blocked,
Can’t leave this Labyrinth.
Try to fight hard
Against my Cards,
To find some Wings,
To lift my Heart
And prove, it’s me
Behind this hard
And icy Surface.
… Crush me to Parts
And leave me lying
And lonely dying,
If I’m not worth the Thoughts.
I cannot cope
With all the Hope.
I am so weak,
too scared to sleep.
I wish, you’d hold me
That you have told me,
“The Sun will fight the Snow.”
Heart Chambers aching,
Lungs try to catch a
Breeze through crystal Foam.
My Life appears
Behind my Eyes,
There’s nothing to regret.
And all the Fears
And painful Lies,
Just awful silly Dreads.
Where am I now?
Where could I be,
If you’d just be with me?
Such heavy Weight,
My Breath will fade …
… Is that your Hand I see?
Photo by: MT
  • March 09, 2015
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