✒ To all of you out there… Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!

This first month has been so AMAZING!

Thanks to you, I have learned more about this project and about myself, than I’ve ever thought I would.
And this has altered my thinking and my way – in life and with ADORENEON – in a very good way!

But the most important treasure I found, which was the most rewarding element I could have ever hoped for, is all of YOU, guys.
I am so unimaginably grateful for every single one of you, who expressed some interest and support into what I am doing, by liking, following and sharing.
You give me the fire and strength, to stay up late after work every night and keep on writing and creating.
Your kind words and comments are the icing sugar on top of the pleasure I have creating the content for you.
And your more than helpful feedback, will make ADORENEON the best personal motivating and inspiring and beautiful crafty, one-of-a-kind experience that you can hope for.
Without you, ADORENEON would be a quiet portfolio drifting in the endless space of the internet.
YOU are the ones that make ADORENEON worth while.
Thank you so very much!

This has been an incredible mission so far and it’s only been a month. I can’t wait to see what awaits us… : )



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  • March 14, 2015
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