✒ Project: ADORENEON Jewellery

In 2012 I’ve started my own Jewellery business.

I eagerly attended a course in the local college, but I was sent home after a few lessons, because the tutor told me, she can’t teach me anything new. She said, that I should have my own course. Or at least should make money with my own workshop… which I’ve already had. ;)

I’ve spent the next 2 years of my spare time to craft and sell my over 500 different design creations on eBay, Etsy and Facebook. Mainly with vegan and therapeutic gemstone jewellery.

A new full-time job and a simultaneously running college course in holistic therapy didn’t leave me too much time for the business, until now.

If you are interested, I’ll keep you posted about news on the workshop and a new line of jewellery and accessories to sell very soon.

You can see a few more designs and creations in my “Arts & Crafts” Photography Gallery.

I hope you like what you see.


Photo by: MT

  • March 30, 2015
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