✒ FODMAP Eat Yourself Happy (*FREE ebook)

This is for the 23% of the population out there with upset tummies that are willing to change to the better, come what may.


I’ve created this ebook firstly for selfish reasons, as a list of foods I am finally able to distinct between eating, without torturing or embarrassing myself afterwards and leaving out. But then it took on a life of its own and it turned into the most thorough, self-tested and complete list you can find online.

I’m pleased to share this with you as a token of my friendship.

I care about you and want to help you to ease your pain.


I have learned the hard way to say NO to chocolate, because the “or else” was less and less bearable for me.

I haven’t tasted a cheesy pizza in years and Starbucks cappuccinos are a faint memory to me.

And I also don’t eat meat for ethic reasons.

It is safe to say, that I am now a vegan, with Lactose- and Fructose intolerance and IBS.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel…


Although I don’t enjoy food as much anymore as I did in my late teens (due to the restrictions of ingredients and my favourite brands), I’m eating healthy and plentiful.

And so can you!

Make some little changes in your nutrition … et voilà … your plate can be full with beautiful healthy, nutritious and diverse food, ready to change you into a happier and healthier You.

I dare you to try it.


This little FODMAP ebook is easy to understand, downloadable for FREE and accessable on your phone, when shopping for groceries.

No more excuses.

This is the time to do it.


Try it… &

Eat yourself happy.



Download here:

Newest version, with added content…

your FREE   FODMAP ebook


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  • November 14, 2015
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