✒ 7 Items Every Beauty Cabinet Should Have

No matter if you are pro or against a lot of make up, more and more people have a tendency to go
more natural. The internet offers you plenty of choices for recipes and remedies to make your own beauty products. And it is so rewarding, to know that you helped to safe the planet a little, and your own health a lot, by creating and using your own organic and animal-cruelty free scrubs, tinctures and whatever else you come up with.
Here are a few things listed, that I can suggest from my own adventure hungry experience.
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is the best natural cure for cold sores and other zits, as well as cuts that need disinfecting.
Just use one drop of pure Tea Tree Oil on a Q-Tip and dab it solely onto the problem area. It instantly disinfects like alcohol, drys the problem out on the spot and helps the healing process with its Essential Oil qualities.
Lemon Juice
is useful for WAY more things than just flavouring your fish dish and drinking water.
It also cleans excessive fat of your skin, that’s why posh restaurants serve little dishes with lemon juice and water for cleaning your fingers before and after eating.
It also can be used to eliminate armpit odours, when diluted with water and dabbed on the skin.
And lemon juice, when you use it pure, can be a natural highlighter for beach ready summer hair.
Baking Soda
is a miracle powder with way over 100 different uses.
You should have it in your beauty cabinet, because it removes stains from your teeth when mixed into a paste with water and used like normal tooth paste (once daily and up to a week).
And it also removes oil from the roots of  your hair, when you use it mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar as a natural homemade shampoo solution.
Vaseline or Coconut Oil (fascial moisturiser will also do)
These two products are not just common used bases for homemade body care products, but are also very useful, when you need to tame frizzy and stubborn flying hairs on your hair do.
Rub the tiniest bit of vaseline in between your hands and slightly move over your loose hairs, to fix your fluffy frizz. This procedure weighed the dry hairs down and will let them rest on your other hair. No hairspray needed.
Beware: Really just use it on the flying hair, about 1cm above your hair do. If you rub it on your normal hair, the vaseline will make it look oily instantly.
Egg and Beer
A tip from my Granny’s beauty cabinet, but still very common and useful,  are natural hair styling products, like egg white and beer, to style and volumise your hair.
Wash your hair with beer to make it look fuller or kneed small amounts of egg white into the tips, to style them, instead of using styling mousse or hair spray.
One of the best solutions against hair loss is a Caffein hair mask made from ground coffee. Just use the content of your coffee filter or a mass of instant coffee and warm water and rub it slightly on your scalp (wetten and wash your hair first). Leave it on for 5-15 min, so the caffein has enough time to seep through your skin’s to layers; and wash it out thoroughly.
The caffein will help to rejuvenate your scalp and animate your blood flow, which will then nourish your hair follicles and roots – keeping your hair healthy and where it belongs – in your scalp.
Do this once or twice a week until you see improvement. Then repeat an often as you want or need it.
Apple Cider Vinegar 
If you have hair loss due to stress, apple cider vinegar can be the solution for you.
When you are stressed, your entire body is out of balance. Your mood, your immune system, your chemical levels… So it is no surprise, that the ph-level of your scalp can be compromised also and your head can be infested with a tiny fungus, that is present on most scalps and can easily be transferred through contact, or the air. This fungus is usually harmless in a healthy and balanced body and system, but can cause hair loss due to stress.
But don’t worry,  it can be easily condemned with a tincture/wash of apple vinegar. Wash your hair as usual and pour then the apple cider vinegar over your scalp and clean hair. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, before washing it out throughly. Repeat this once daily for a week. And your hair loss will normalise (to the common 80-100 hairs per day).
The fragrance of the vinegar might follow you around in your nose, as you breathe it in while using it undiluted, but it won’t be noticeable for other people, as you wash it out thoroughly.
I hope, I could inspire you to a few new ideas.
Please feel free to add your own products or links below in the comment section.
Be beautiful!… Inside and out.  :)
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  • August 05, 2015
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