✒Make Your Own Olive Oil Conditioner For Beautiful Healthy & Shiny Hair

Everyone aims for having beautiful sleek and shiny, healthy looking hair. But the reality is often, that factors like the sun, pollution and the products and procedures that we treat our hair with, damage it more than we can accept to look at.
I will tell you how you can make your own olive oil conditioner for beautiful healthy and shiny hair..

You’ll need only 2 ingredients:
1/2 cup warm Olive Oil
1/2 cup warm Water

If your hair is quite dry, you can also add:
2-3 TeaSp of Honey (or if you are a vegan like me, Jojoba Oil instead)

And that’s it.

Add the ingredients in a small bowl and use it warm on your hair.
Try and keep the oily mixture away from the roots, to avoid your hair looking oily too soon again. Massage it head over into your hair, but not into your scalp.
Leave the mixture on for at least 5, but up to 30 minutes and wash it then out thoroughly with warm, clean, running water.

I suggest drying it naturally (waiting for it to dry on its own) instead of using the hair dryer.

Then enjoy playing with your hair again.

PS: This is also a pet friendly recipe.


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  • May 09, 2015
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