✒ Homemade Whitening Tooth Powder

Everybody aims for whiter, beautiful teeth. Because teeth are a symbol of health and beauty since many centuries.
Teeth don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Sometimes a crooked tooth gives a smile more character than the perfect set of a models. As long as they impress with their shine.

Healthy gums are essential for brilliant teeth and we keep them intact with regular brushing.
And when we brush we can do many things right and many things wrong.
The perfect brushing method and tooth brush are essential.

Brush for around 3 minutes, all accessible sites of all your teeth. Don’t press too hard, so your gums don’t bleed, but don’t brush too soft, you want to remove all the food residue left on your teeth building plaque (enamel dissolving bacteria).
You should always buy a medium strength tooth brush, if you have no oral health problems otherwise and your own dentist doesn’t suggest you a different strength. As hard brushes can damage your enamel and gum line and soft brushes might not get all the dirt.
If you can effort it, buy yourself an electric tooth brush. This brilliant little invention is more effective as you can ever be with a normal tooth brush.

Reading up on all the intoxicating, dangerous ingredients that you can find in every tooth paste on the market, I was SHOCKED. I wanted to find a healthier solution and remembered the little blue glass bottle I used to get from the pharmacy, containing tooth powder.

I started reading up on such products and found a way to reproduce the mixture close to the original with just a few healthy and organic ingredients.

Here is my recipe for a stain removing, tasty and above all, healthy tooth powder:

6 TblSp Bentonite Clay (for tooth mineralisation, removing stains and fresh breath)
3 TeaSp Baking Soda (for tooth whitening and fresh breath)
2 TeaSp unrefined and finely ground Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt (antiseptic and for tooth remineralisation)
2 TeaSp unrefined Stevia Powder (to add a sweeter flavour)
2 TeaSp ground Peppermint leaves (as a flavour additive, you can use the content of teabags and ground it until powdery) or 10 drops of Essential Peppermint Oil
1 1/2 TeaSp Cinnamon Powder (for flavour)

You can also add:
1 TeaSp activated Charcoal (which you can purchase in tablet form and is highly absorptive)
1/2 TeaSp Clove Powder or 6 drops of Clove Essential Oil (antiseptic)
2 TeaSp Kelp unrefined powder (for healthy teeth)

If you have sensitive teeth, leave the Salt and Baking Soda away at the start, rather add the Charcoal.

If you use essential oil, add it last to the mixture and stir in thoroughly. Then let it dry and store the powder in a dry container between uses.

Add the powder on a wet toothbrush and brush normally.

Enjoy the new, free of toxins experience… and SMILE!


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  • March 05, 2015
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