✒ 30 Tips For More Beautiful Hair

Many people are unhappy with their hair. And if you count yourself to those, it can be quite frustrating from time to time. I’ve made the same experience.

But after following a few simple rules, things changed for me drastically. And although I don’t have the thickest hair by nature, it is way more healthy looking and fun to style since I changed the way I treated my hair.

First of all we all have to understand, that the only place that nourishing products can have some impact on your hair are at the roots in your scalp, as this is the living part of the hair, hidden in your skin. The hair you see actually growing is dead matter. And as soon as this hair you see is damaged, there is rarely a way back to what it was before.

I had my hair hip-long and dyed black. Beautiful, but after several years quite boring.
I wanted a change and started researching. Nobody was willing or able to change my colour.
There was only one way to a new style…
After I had it cut short and blonde again, in the colour I spend most of my life with, I really started following these rules below, to not ever have to make such a drastic decision again.
And I must say, my hair hasn’t been that healthy in over a decade.
Here is what I do for shiny, healthy and fast growing hair:

1) Don’t ever brush your hair when it is wet! Wet hair is softened and more elastic, the smallest strain will rip and break the hair. Dry hair is a lot tougher and easier to untangle than wet hair.

2) Use a big toothed comb, rather than a brush. You will have more control of where you’re pulling your styling tool through. It also provides a smaller opportunity to cause a bigger frizzy knot.

3) Blow dry your hair only in emergencies, since it dries out the single hairs and makes them frail and straw like, it also takes away their shine and resistance against environmental influences. Let your hair dry naturally. You will see and feel the difference.

4) If you part your hair, no matter if you have a middle or side parting, keep the back of your parting centred on the crown. This balances your hair’s weight and keeps you from having one side looking flat.

5) Make sure that your hair is absolutely dry before you go to bed. Since your head is all night in contact with your pillow, the excessive water can’t evaporate and this causes your scalp to overcompensate and produce too much sebum and your hair will look oily faster again.

6) Braid your hair loosely before you go to sleep. This will keep you from pulling on your hair while lying on it and it will also give you beautiful waves in the morning and might safe you from using hair damaging styling tools.

7) Cut your hair rarely, if you want to let it grow. I go once a year to the hairdresser, whom I ask to just cut the tips (no more than 3 inches!). This will rid you of unequally grown strands and split ends. If you want to keep the shape of a shorter cut tho, you should visit your hair stylist every 6-8 weeks.

8) Don’t wash your hair every day. Shampooing strips your hair of its protective natural oils. If you’re missing those, your hair will look dry and break easily. Use a dry shampoo to bridge you over another day (it’s also good for giving fine hair some volume). If you don’t plan on leaving the house on your day off, don’t wash them at all.

9) I prefer to use natural shampoos, which have a lower soap content and contain less chemicals which also have an impact on your scalp. As an example, ‘The Body Shop’ offers a great range of natural cosmetics that also have not been tested on animals. You can also find lots of beautiful, natural handmade products on Etsy.com.

10) Don’t always stick to one shampoo. Change every now and then to vitamin and oil containing shampoos, to keep your scalp happy and nourished.

11) Colour protecting and heat protective shampoos lock hair products inside your hair and should be best avoided.

12) Once a month you should use a deep cleansing shampoo to get rid of all the build-up, that the hair products you usually use created.

13) Always use warm water to wash your hair, not too hot or too cold, as your scalp reacts to the temperature by changing the size of its pores and so the production of protective oils.

14) If you’re prone to an oily scalp, wash your hair with a little less warm water and only a soft scalp massage, to reduce the amount of oil being produced.

15) Always shampoo more on the roots and condition more toward the ends.

16) Always use a conditioner or a hair mask after the drying soap treatment of the shampooing process, (only in the lengths of your hair) to make it smoother and more manageable. Don’t use those products directly on the scalp, as they have to stay on for quite a while and tend to imbalance your natural acid mantle of your scalp. They can also clog your pores and even make your hair look oily faster and it flattens the look of your hair if used directly on the roots.

17) Massage your scalp with your fingertips, not your nails, in circular motion for at least 5 times around the entire head, when you shampoo your hair. This helps the circulation of the scalp skin and keeps it healthy and nourished from within. Then rinse thoroughly to remove all the shampoo properly. Soap residue will dry and break your hair as well.

18) Avoid stress!!! Nothing harms your hair growth more than stress. If your body is in a stress situation for a long time, it can pause the cell production for hair and nail growth for a long time, to keep its resources and energy for more important functions in your body . Malnutrition can have the same effect.

19) Use thickening repairing products, like shampoos and conditioners with Protein, Biotin, Keratin and Vitamins. Caffein is a very good booster for hair growth as well and often used in hair loss fighting products for men.

20) Use warm hair repairing oils in the tips, like Argan oil, or coconut oil, but also olive and almond oil, to smoothen your split ends.

21) And infuse strands with protein, i.e. by using a protein rich shampoo or conditioner, to strengthen your hair and to make it more elastic.

22) Protect your hair from UV light. Especially in the summertime and if you frequent sun studios, you don’t just need to protect your skin. The hair is just as much harmed as your skin. It’s a part of it.

23) If you swim in salt water or swimming pools, you also have to wash your hair afterwards very thoroughly, as salt and chloride makes your hair very dry and brittle.

24) Don’t use elastics or plain rubber bands at all, as they break the hair right off, not just around the rubber band but also around your face from the pull. That doesn’t just leave you with shorter wispy hair around the top and the forehead, but also, over time, will it thin out your hair around the temple areas. Instead use clips for knots, buns and twists and fabric covered bobbles and put your hair up loosely. That will keep your it fuller and healthier looking for longer and looks anyway nicer than a tight ponytail.

25) Be patient. Your hair will grow! (Somewhere around 0.5mm a day. That doesn’t seem much, but 1.5cm per month is noticeable.) … Stay away from extensions too, they do more harm than anything else. Due to the glue and the tucking, when fixing the fake strands to your scalp they break a lot of hair off your head. By the way, a keen eye can always tell the difference between real healthy hair and fake extensions.

26) Don’t ever dye your hair permanently. You WILL always change your mind after a while and you might not be willing to pay the price the change might cost, if you’ve dyed it permanently. (Like I did, hip long hair to short boy’s cut… Think about it. It doesn’t suit everyone). Permanent hair dyes contain peroxide, that intents to roughen up your hair, to then enable the colour pigments to get locked into your hair. Permanently. This process is very tough on your hair and irreparable. I now use non-permanent dyes to freshen up my look, with no ammonia and peroxide… and my hair looks always shiny. And since the non-permanent dye washes out over time, the roots are less visible and your hair doesn’t need to be re-dyed as quickly as you would need to, when using a permanent dye, which also saves you money and time.

27) You can disguise greys with highlights, rather than dying your entire hair all the time. Your hair will look more natural that way.

28) Leave your hair unwashed for a day or two before dying it, the oils that your scalp naturally produces will protect your hair throughout the colouring process a little bit more.

29) If you do use heat for your styling routine at all, use at least a heat protective spray. Although your hair will, as mentioned before, lock chemicals in, due to the silicon containing sprays and the heat treatment. But on the other hand it will protect your hair from the heat and so from getting dry and easier breakable.

30) My last suggestion for you is the regular use of hair growth supplements that contains Protein, Biotin, Keratin, Vitamin A, E and Folic Acid, as well as multitude of B Vitamins to boost your hair’s growth and strength from within. Just as normal vitamin tablets, those can be consumed daily and really make a visible difference. You can find plenty of those in any pharmacy or even online. This made the biggest difference for me.

Although this looks like a lot to remember, I’m sure you already do most of it unknowingly in your daily body care routine. It’s common sense to not repeat what harmed your hair before and to give it on the other hand as much goodness as it might need. Your hair is a part of you. An extension of your body. An indicator of you self-care and health. Treat it well and you will feel better, too.


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