✒ 7 Things That Will Get You Out Of Bed In The Morning

And help you start the day… without caffein.

You should first of all always try and get a good night sleep. Having slept less than 6 hours or being hungover will of course add to your struggle to get out of bed in the morning.
Organise your evenings accordingly. A little bit of planning ahead won’t hurt on a spontaneous planned evening in a usually routine driven life.

There is a reason why it is called “Beauty Sleep”.
It really does age you, if you had a short night sleep. With bags under your eyes; puffy, pale skin; red eyes and a zombi like state of your brain functions you won’t impress anyone.

So, try and get yourself into a little morning routine, that will cost you lest than 5 minutes of yor time, but will propel you into your adventures of the starting day.

Get up with the first ring of your clock
Don’t lie on and say “just another 5 minutes”. These short phases of sleep (5 minutes) don’t add anything to your energy levels as it is too short for you to profit from it.
Additionally, it will cause you to rush later when you have to leave. Putting you instantly in a bad mood.
Rather try and plan in a power nap later on in the day, maybe in your lunch break. How to do it right, you can read in one of my other posts, here: http://adoreneon.com/health/mastering-skill-power-napping/
So, swing your legs out and greet the day.

Stretch properly
A really good stretch takes an hour off your tiredness. It is apparently as good as an additional hour of sleep. I do it every morning and it absolutely works for me. You can feel the sleep draining from your body while you stretch.

Cold water
You should use cold water in the morning to splash your face and also your wrists.
When the cold hits your eyelids, it is not just very refreshing, but also takes the salt of your sticky dried tears away, that helped keeping your eyes closed and free from particles of dirt over night. Washing your eyes properly literally adds to them staying open and awake.
The cold water on your wrists is also refreshing and vitalising.

A quick cardio
A little bit of morning exercise doesn’t hurt. You don’t have to go to the gym first thing in the morning, but even a 3 minute workout will get your heart pumping and will carry some oxygen and that fresh found feeling of awakening from your head through your entire body.

Pressure points
You will find certain areas on your body, where, when you apply pressure to these points (with light tapping of the fingers and massaging with the thumbs or forefingers), you will find your body stimulated and more alert. A quick and easy way to fight fatigue.
Those points are:
The top of the head
The top of the back of the neck on both sides
On the back of the hands in between the thumb and forefinger
Just below both knees
On the bottom of the feet — at the center just below the balls of the feet

But you can also pinch lightly with one of your fingernails along the inside of the outer cartilage arc, that forms the top half of your ears.

A good laugh
While you are getting ready to leave the house, listen to a comedy program or a comedian. Check in on youtube and laugh as much as you can.
Laughter exhilarates your heart rate, pumping more oxygen to your body and brain, functioning just like a cardio.
Additionally, the Serotonin your brains is producing, will leave you on a little high.
What a happy way to start the day.

Feeling good about yourself will make you want to be out and about.
Smile at your gorgeous self in the mirror and smile at everyone you meet… a smile from you can make a big difference in somebody else’s day.
Always look your best. You never know what the day may bring. ;)

I hope that you will have it a little bit easier now to get out of bed in the morning and that your days that follow will be full of goodness.

If you have any more good tips to this topic, please leave them in the comment section below.
Thank you very much for reading. :)


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  • April 20, 2015
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