✒ 55 Amazing Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

These 55 easy to follow steps are not a new SUPER DIET, but they will change the way you live, eat and feel about yourself.
You don’t have to follow all of them, just take from this article whatever suits you best.
Every single one of these tips has the power to slim you down quickly and most importantly, in a healthy way.

There are more posts coming up, regarding healthy food related to weight loss and many more delicious recipes @ ADORENEON
So please stay tuned in the next few weeks to get your full dose of yummy happiness.

This is my collection of tips and tricks, that I have been using and following ever since I got aware of them.
They are no rocket science either, but all common sense. Normal things and habits that you can apply every day.

I am no stranger to “feeling ugly and uncomfortable in my own body”.
But by applying the collected knowledge below, I’ve lost 38 lbs in a matter of a few months.
I now am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life, with barely any effort.
I still eat everything I love and I got quickly used to all the little changes throughout my daily life.




The most important thing that you need to understand, in order to be able to eat healthy and stick to it, is,
that you need to LOVE what you are intending to do and even more important is, that you LOVE what you eat!
Don’t force yourself to eat foods you detest. This only makes you feel bad about doing your diet program.
What you want is: to stay motivated and to feel GOOD!

Right, so let’s do this! : )


01. Prepare your plan in every detail.
Know exactly what you like and what you can eat, where and how often you can get it and how it will fit in your routine.
Then you can relax, without constantly thinking about having to worry about things that remind you of the effort that comes along with a diet. If you plan ahead, the thought of effort will disappear and you will automatically start to eat, feel and look better.
And you will adore every inch of success.


02. The first 3 days are the worst.
The good news is, you can train your stomach quite quickly into being your assistant, rather than your enemy.
If you pull through with your changes for just 3 days, it’ll be far more likely for you to stick to your plan.
Watch your portion sizes and don’t get weak. It is so worth it!
In those 72 hours of maybe feeling a little bit hungry (and it can become uncomfortable for a few people), your stomach will have shrunk a little and will feel full quicker than you are used to.
But keep up your attitude and then your willpower will smoothly strengthen.

What are 3 days of tummy bootcamp for a lifetime of a gorgeous and healthy self? Right?


03. Drink at least 1.5 litres of Water every day.
Water is the best detox catalyst for your body. It flushes out all the negative things your body has to hold on to otherwise.
It also prevents from headaches, tiredness and even hunger. It makes your skin look better and it helps you balance the water and mineral levels in your body, especially after a workout. (Whatever you additionally drink on juices, coffee, tea and such, does not count as water.)

Tip: Get yourself a filter water bottle and fill it up on the go. This will save you money and storage room in the pantry. Refilling is also better for the environment. The filter is safer for your health AND a beautiful exemplar will make you want to show off with it, which will entice you to drink more often.


04. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal.
This fills your stomach up a little, but also, most of the times we feel hungry, we are actually just thirsty.
Our body only makes us ‘feel thirsty’, when we are already so dehydrated that we get a headache and a dry mouth.
When you still feel hungry after the 30 minutes, go ahead and have your snack.


05. Only eat when you’re (really) hungry,
past the first tummy growling (but before the pain sets in)…
Because after the growling you usually lose the feeling of hunger for a while again. This wins you a little bit of time before you have to have your next planned meal.
(This tip is not suitable for diabetics!!!)


06. Eat only enough to make the feeling of hunger disappear, then stop!
Don’t clear the plate, no matter how small your portion was. Your body doesn’t need the excessive food.
(Don’t worry, you will soon know your perfect portion sizes and waste less food.)
Since food is available to us around the clock today, but our metabolism still works like to prehistoric times (eat as much as you can, when you can and your body will store the life saving nutrients for later)… we tend to overeat. Your body has no choice but to follow its instincts and store the excessive energy as reserves in body fat.
Fat, that you again have to get rid of later.


07. Cut down to 50%
Only eat half the portion sizes of everything you’re used to eat. After about 20 minutes your stomach WILL feel full.
Even when you eat out – doggy bag the rest for another snack/meal time.
You will not only lose some weight this way, but also safe time that you can use for other things.


08. The 20 Minute Gap:
Don’t eat until you feel really full and satisfied. Our true satisfaction-feeling only sets in about 20 minutes after eating.
When our body starts to absorb the energy from the food we have taken in, it sends signals to the brain, which tell the brain, that we have received the urgently required substances. The brain then sends signals to the stomach to feel full, to stop us from overeating. Which is usually (due to our fast eating and fast lifestyles) way too late.
If you regularly feel uncomfortably full after 20 minutes past eating, then this is a clear sign, that you are overeating. Stop yourself sooner and you will have less calories in your body to worry about later.


09. Use smaller eating utensils.
Smaller portions are easier to accept on smaller dishes. When your plate doesn’t look so empty before starting to eat, you trick your brain into thinking, that you still eat as much as before.
Bite off smaller portions and put smaller amounts of food in your mouth when eating.
Use smaller cutlery or even chop sticks. You will need longer to eat your portions when you do so. You will be more aware of what you put in your mouth. And you might feel full sooner than you think you would due to the little bit more time intense process.
Also, if you are not the best in using chopsticks, the effort you will put in this endeavour will burn extra calories. ;)


10. Enjoy every bite.
Chewing properly doesn’t just help you with the digestion of your food, but it will also make you appreciate more what you eat.
It also makes you more aware of what and how much you eat.
Take a proper break, sit down and don’t rush it.
Eating in a healthy manner is very important for a balanced body and mind and prevents stress and indigestion.


11. Eat one less bite.
Whenever you get to that stage that you feel not hungry anymore and you will soon stop and finish your meal, eat even one bites less than you’ve planned to eat.
This could save you up to 75 calories per meal and an average of 8 pounds per year, for almost zero effort.


12. Be mindful about what you eat.
Concentrate on your portion only.
Put other food out of sight, as it may trigger your intend of wanting more.


13. Keep a food record.
You should start your weight loss intend with keeping an honest and complete food record.
This will help you in making conscious decisions about what, when and how much you eat, what you added to the food and what you drink.
Track also your mood and appetite, as well as your cravings.
Being aware of what you eat and when you “want” it, can help you manage your intake and to plan your prepared meals better. AND you can so lose up to twice as much weight.


14. Be honest about your daily calorie allowance.
Stick to your plan!!!
The more serious and disciplined you work this, the sooner you will see the success.


15. Rather than calorie counting, you should focus on balancing your nutrients right.
Make sure you eat enough carbs, protein and fat, as your body needs these components for staying healthy and getting the energy it requires.
Even when cutting down on certain foods, you will need to maintain a small intake of these components, as they are vital for your health and digestion.
… Whatever you eat too much of, you can joggle and cut away as you like.


16. Be prepared, always.
Don’t get too hungry without healthy food nearby.
If you’re so hungry that your tummy is hurting, you tend to judge poorly and eat whatever you will find first.
Keep a healthy cereal bar, or a banana, or something else that fits easily in your bag, with you all day.
Hunger holes can sneak up on you anywhere at any time. If you are temporary extremely stressed, or anything else overwhelms you, your body can react wit such a hunger hole, (a gap in your planned schedule, where you feel that coping would be impossible without having an additional, unplanned, sugary snack).
You may also risk to faint when going on a new diet, since you are cutting your energy intake down.
Don’t worry, have your snack… It will get easier along the way.


17. Prepare your food.
Decide how often and how much you want to eat throughout the day and prepare your meals and portions accordingly.
Pre-cook your lunches for the next day, or the entire week (Organise your freezer!). This will prevent you from buying unhealthy ready meals.
In order to eat smaller amounts all day, you need to be prepared for surprised cravings also.
With the help of your food record you will soon know the times of the day when certain cravings come up knocking on your nerves and stretching your willpower.


18. Make time for a treat.
Really, you deserve it.
Don’t cut out your favourite foods, just cut them down a little. Having no treat to look forward to at all, will make you soon feel unsatisfied and annoyed with your diet. Cravings will be harder to control.
And after all the effort you put into your weight loss endeavour, a little, yummy, well deserved delight will keep you motivated.
Take small bites and chew slowly. Ask yourself before every next bite, if the last bite may have satisfied your craving already. If so, stop there and then.
If not, keep eating consciously until you feel satisfaction. But stop before you feel bad about having this treat.
Again, you don’t have to finish it. Keep the left overs for another time.


19. Know your pitfalls…
Make a list of your weaknesses and find solutions to avoid them.
Compensate cravings with healthy, lower calorie foods.
For example:
Cravings for Vanilla ice-cream can be silenced with Vanilla flavoured coffee or Redbush Tea. The vanilla Flavour will satisfy your inner demon enough to forget about the nasty calorie bombs.
For pancake cravings, swap to Irish potato farls. These have half the calories!
Swap butter for low fat soya margarine… and so on.
… You will find plenty of input on your quest.


20. Swap sugar for fruit sugar or sweeteners.
The dextrose in fruit sugar can be absorbed by your body membranes into your blood stream and reaches your brain to boost performance almost instantly.
Normal sugar needs insulin to be broken down first, before it has any use for the body. This process takes time and most of the sugar will be stored for a later use as fat in your fat cells.

There are endless rumours out there about the use of sweeteners and I don’t have a lab to prove them wrong or right. The only thing I can tell you for sure is, that sweeteners have definitely less calories than sugar. Swapping sugar for a sweetener will make you feel a change almost instantly. And not just in its own weight. For example, 1g of sugar will barely sweeten your tea, but with 1g of sweetener (because its concentration of sweetness is so high) you may last a entire day. So you have already a big difference in weight intake.
Don’t overdo your consumption of artificial sweeteners, tho, as some of them may irritate your bowels, if you tend to having problems with your digestion.


21. Stay away from diet drinks.
Although they have WAY less calories than ordinary sugar, artificial sweeteners CAN – but not necessarily will – disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on the sweetness of foods. Tricking your body into thinking you are eating sugar, but not really eating sugar, will only make you crave more, which will result in overeating. And this action then will make your body put on weight.
… Decide for yourself, if you want to swap. I did and I crave actually less sugary foods than before, as the sweetener I use has a quite intense sweet flavour, that satisfies my cravings instantly.


22. Cut down on bread!!!
I eat only half the daily amount of bread I used to and I compensate for the other half by eating raw carrots instead. It gives me the fibre that fills me up for longer, but non of the lingering carbs and body fat.


23. Eat less Salt!
Salt is a flavour carrier and essential for a delicious meal. But is it really?
This is a very important point.
Salt does not only make you more hungry and more thirsty, it also keeps water bound in your body, to dilute its presence.
This can make your face look puffy and adds additional pounds to your all over body weight.
It is also not good for your health.
Beside the bloating and swollen ankles, salt is bad for your blood pressure and it also seems to make us more prone to weak bones and possibly aggravates cancer.
Radically cutting back on sodium can help you lose 2-3 lbs in weight in just a week.
Check the sodium content of the things you eat. You will be surprised, even cornflakes are full of it.
Buy low sodium salt, if you can’t live without it and use it moderate.


24. Cook your own meals.
Don’t eat ready made dishes, ready meals or ready made sandwiches all the time. I know that it is hard these days to find time to cook. But you rarely know what you actually eat, when someone else cooks for you. And all the chemicals they put in our meals to keep them look fresh for longer… How much can we take, before our body reacts?

Vegetables loose their vitamins through cooking. And ready meals are cooked at least twice, once in the factory and once in your microwave. There is nothing left for your body to profit from.
Ready meals are just a quick fix. That’s what they are meant to be. FAST food.
Don’t risk your health!
Control your sugar, fat and sodium intake by cooking your meals yourself.


25. Bridge over starving episodes.
To do so, I like to eat 1/4 cucumber with black pepper. This keeps me going for at least another hour between snack times. And since cucumber consists of 96% water and 4% fibre, this is a tasty little low-calorie snack, which stays a little longer in your stomach than a drink, helping you to kick the hunger.
You can also delay the munchies with another glass of water.
Be careful with juices and smoothies tho, they don’t equal the intake of water, as they are full of hidden calories (due to the fruit sugar) and fibre.


26. Spice up your life.
Adding for example chilly sauce to a meal will curb hunger and helps your metabolism.
Also the capsaicin (a compound found in chilies) triggers your brain to release feel-good endorphins.


27. Experiment with Peppermint.
Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant.
Drink Peppermint tea when you experience the feeling of hunger.
If you don’t have the possibility to drink tea, a Peppermint bubblegum, or a Peppermint sniff stick for your nose may just do just the same trick.


28. Add Cinnamon to your life.
Cinnamon is a natural calorie burner, that heats your metabolism.
Add cinnamon to your cereals, teas, coffee and sweet snacks… It doesn’t just taste nicer, but you will burn calories while you eat.


29. Caffein lowers your appetite.
Caffeinated coffees and teas numb food cravings like nothing else I’ve tried.
Caffeine is also a stimulant which will speed up your metabolism (you’ll burn more calories). It also is a diuretic, which will help you lose water weight in the short-term, it may also speeds up your digestion, which will makes your tummy look flatter.

But researchers argue also that caffeine raises blood sugar, which will raise insulin levels to convert the extra sugars into body fat.
And in some people caffein boosts appetite instead.
For me, it is a main component of my dieting system, as I fall in the first category of people. It doesn’t just numb my cravings, but also my feeling of hunger, which keeps me for longer from eating again.


30. Eat more vegetables than meat and carbs.
Different foods have a different (energy) content. Carbs (like bread & pasta) have the most, then come animal products, vegetables have the least.
The normal nutrition pyramid teaches us, that we should take in mainly carbs, then a little less vegetables and fruit throughout the day, even less protein-rich products, like dairy, soya and meat and only a little bit of fatty, oily and sweet food.
But in order to lose weight, you have to at least half your usual intake of carbs, which puts it on an equal level, next to the protein food. Fruits and vegetables take over the base position of your nutrition pyramid.

Make sure, that the biggest portion on your plate is always made of vegetables.
Protein and carbs will fill you just as much, but they are more difficult to digest and (regarding the cholesterol content), may compromise the health of your vascular system.
Also, lower calorie foods (like vegetables and fruit) provide less energy per gram of food. So you can eat more of them without consuming too many calories.


31. Eat more Protein when you are working out and building muscles.
Protein (from beans, hummus, egg whites, lean meats, low-fat soya and dairy products) is vital for building muscles tissue and it helps you to keep your weight down after a diet.
It also helps you to feel full for longer as it takes longer to digest.


32. Go vegan!
Supplement animal protein with plant protein and cut out the bad fat.
That will allow you to not just cut down on your cholesterol intake, but you also safe lives… literally.

And if you can’t do vegan (= no consumption or use of any animal meat or animal products), try vegetarian (= no consumption of any animal meat), or pescetarian or pesci-vegetarian (= a vegetarian, that still eats seafood, but no red or white meat of any other animals).


33. Eat raw.
This way you keep 100% of the vitamins = goodness in your vegetables and fruits.
Try and eat at least one of your daily vegetable based meals and snacks raw.

Fact: Since cooked vegetables are softer to eat, you will lose less calories for not needing to chew as much. (This is also the reason, why a portion of cooked carrots, for example, has more calories as the same sized portion of raw carrots).


34. Use the Red-Orange-Green Rule… (Traffic lights).
Colourful vegetables and fruits don’t just help your skin to look glowing and healthier, but if you add at least one of these healthy foods in the mentioned colours above to every single one of your meals, you will not only have “5 of your 5-a-day” and fill your plate with the good stuff, but also have less space on your dish for higher calorie food.
The high fibre content of your dishes will additionally make you feel full for longer. Eating enough fibre also prevents colon cancer.


35. Start eating Soup
If you eat a low calorie vegetable soup before your main meal of the day, you can cut up to 20% of calories off your main meal’s all-over calorie consumption.

Tip: Cook the ingredients less long, to keep some of the vitamins in and the crunchy bite to your vegetables.

You may also swap your dinners for soups.
The water content in the soup will make you feel full a lot quicker. And the lighter food will help you to digest more easily in the evening hours and the warmth of the meal may even aid you to calm down, relax and help you to fall asleep.


36. Trick your Hunger-Hormone
Ghrelin controls hunger and drives our appetite.
You can manage the 3-4 hourly spikes of this hormone in your body, by eating small and balanced meals regularly.
If we skip meals or deprive our body of carbs/sugar, the ghrelin levels will also spike, making us more hungry and crave sugar, which is negative for every eating routine.


37. Eat breakfast…
Some people will say, that they are not hungry in the morning and if they skip breakfast, they skip the calories they would take in. But this is not the case.
If you possibly can, do have a breakfast.
I’m not a morning eater either, but I did get used to my small bowl of cornflakes.
And here is why:
It is better for a regulated digestion and a balanced gut and organ system, to keep eating small, but regular portions of healthy food. To always give your tummy something to do.
When you eat a proper breakfast in the morning, it’ll give you a good start in the day and the nutrients you need. It’ll make you feel full for longer and less hungry throughout the day (which makes you consume less calories all together).
Eating bigger portions later when you are finally feeling hungry will give your stomach a big task after a long time of doing ‘nothing’ and gives your body less time to burn all the calories before you go to sleep.
… Breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” for a reason.


38. Give yourself time to digest.
No matter when you eat throughout your day, you should remember to have your last meal about 90 minutes before you go to sleep. This will give your metabolism enough time to digest and make you sleep without discomfort and nightmares.
Also, you should try and eat most of your portions (about 70% of your daily intake) before your dinner time and the remaining (about 30%) around dinner time. This will bridge you over until breakfast.


39. Make time for Sleep.
As I mentioned in an earlier post about Power Napping, which you can read here.
… Enough sleep is vital for proper weight management.
Whereas sleep-deprivation will always lead to weight gain, as your more than tired body may be overwhelmed with the effort to balance your energy levels, next to keeping up all the other functions that keep you alive.


40. Exercise when and where you can.
You won’t lose any extra calories from sitting on the sofa.
If you don’t have the time, money or self-esteem to visit a gym, then for example, walk short enough distances instead of taking the car or bus.
Carry your groceries home.
Strap on ankle- and waist weights before you go wherever you go, even use them in the house. This not only strengthens your muscles, but also intensifies every workout. (But don’t overdo it, watch out for your health and do what you are comfortably able to.)
Go swimming, that doesn’t just tone your muscles groups all over your body and improves your breathing, circulation and fitness, but it also burns a lot more calories than, for example, jogging.
Yoga is a very relaxing, whole body workout opportunity that dosen’t just tone your body, but is also beneficial for your mind and soul.

Let exercise be your stress reliever, not food.


41. Breath away your cravings…
When you are in a stress situation that forces your cravings to surface, a simple calming exercise can get rid of those and the stress quite easily.
Breathe 5 to 10 times in and out very slowly, very deep and consciously. This will reduce the stress hormones and with them your cravings.


42. My 2 favourite Acupressure points for losing weight:
Our Body’s energy flows in so called meridians up and down our bodies. These Meridians have points, on which one can apply pressure to regulate body functions and to restore health. Applying little pressure on those points, expels excess heat and moisture from the body and improves circulation, which aids in losing weight. It also strengthens your digestive system that will help you control your appetite, decreases stress as well as eating disorders.

a) The first pressure point, located in your ear, helps to control your appetite.
Place your finger outside your ear against the jaw joint and move your jaw up and down. Find the point that has most of the movement in your jaw joint and press it for a minute.

b) The second point is found exactly 3 centimeters below the belly button. It enhances the function of the digestive system and gives your body strength. It also reduces constipation. Place two of your fingers on it and massage by moving your fingers up and down. Then press this point for at least 2 minutes twice a day.
… There are many more acupressure points for your health, digestion and stress regulation, but these two I prefer the most.


43. Put side-effects to the side.
Many health conditions and many medications can cause weight gain.
Make an appointment with your physician and discuss your idea of losing weight. Show her or him a list of your chosen bullet points of how you intend to do it. Find out if any of those would cause you problems.
Talk about your medication and go through the side effects list. Try and swap to a different drug, if weight gain is on your current medication’s leaflet.
Get your blood tested. There could be other reasons, inside your body, that prevent you from losing weight.


44. Detox
Foods with high citrus content as well as high water and fibre content are the best for losing weight.
Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and eat many fruits and vegetables like Grapefruit, Apple, Pomegranate, Orange, Watermelon, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Spinach, Cabbage, Radish, Avocado and Olives. You can find thousands of detox recipes online.
Eat especially green fruits.
Foods like for example Kiwi, green Apples, lime and other green, sour fruits really help you to detox and to burn the fat reserves “while you eat”.


45. Fasting
One way of fasting that works very well for me is, that every other day you only eat up to 500 calories in 24 hours, but you keep eating normally on the other days in-between. This will not only help you to detox, but will also make you feel better, lighter and more energised.
I know people, who keep fasting this way constantly. But it depends on your lifestyle and job, if this method gives you enough energy. And if you would rather prefer fasting periods.


46. Intermittent Diet
This is a diet where you allow yourself only to eat in a certain time window throughout the day. For example, you can eat 2-3 healthy meals, with whatever you want between 1 and 8pm (you may adjust the time window to your daily routine). After this, you keep fasting until 1pm the next day again, when you repeat the cycle.
This is one of the tougher diets and shouldn’t be continued for too long. See how you get on with it and change to a normal eating cycle, when you find yourself constantly tired and unbalanced.


47. Trust your self-persuasion and stay away from temptations.
If you are easily influenced by gorgeous looking calorie bombs, you have to have a Plan B in place.
For example, when I see a picture of a muffin, I instantly have the urge to eat one.
But if I catch myself and think quickly of raw meat (I am a vegan), the urge is gone as well as my appetite.


48. Be aware of the calories you burn throughout a workout… and the ones you then eat after.
To get rid of only 1g of body fat, you have to burn 9 calories. This can become quite discouraging, as it mean a lot of effort to get rid of a single pound of weight.
For example, 30 minutes of walking only burns 140 calories, 30 minutes of dancing 165… 30 minutes of swimming 255 calories and 30 minutes of basketball, 220 calories.
Turn this around and it gets even more depressing. When you eat a cookie of 90 calories you will put on about 10g of body fat. That doesn’t seem so bad, but if you look at the bigger picture, 9 more of these cookies (the entire pack maybe) and you will gain 100g of body fat. This is something that will show up on your weight scale… as 0.1kg.
So, make sure to treat yourself to the right refreshment after your hard workouts.


49. Train your little inner demon.
For example: The cacao in chocolate contains caffein and caffeine related substances, which are both stimulating (making you feel happy) and addictive. So, yes, you can have the feeling of withdrawal if you don’t get your chocolate fix.

Which food is your biggest weakness? (Mine were Oreo biscuits.)
Prove to yourself in a little field test how strong your conscious mind can be.
Keep one of your treats (your weaknesses) wrapped up in your pocket at all times and say a firm “NO” every single time your little demon asks for it. After a little while (a few hours or a few days) your human mind will be trained enough to have overcome the hurtful need that comes along with the craving/addiction, solely by willpower.
Studies have proven that, with a little bit of training, a human mind is able to accept anything.
If your mind is overly stubborn tho, come up with a plan to avoid the contact with your weaknesses entirely.


50. Eat before you plan to go out.
It is proven, that you buy and eat more junk food when you are hungry.
So, before you do your grocery shopping, eat one of your prepared snacks or meals, that you know are good for you and that are low in calories.
If you attend an event or party, also eat before going out.
You can so make sure that you eat at your planned times and that you will neither starve nor overeat.


51. Wear comfortable and fitted clothes.
If you feel happy and gorgeous in your own skin, even if you haven’t reached your goal just yet, you will be more enticed and motivated to keep up the fight, for feeling and looking amazing.
Fact: Wearing clothes that are a size bigger than you usually are, makes you automatically look thinner.


52. Stay away from alcohol
Alcohol is not only highly calorific, but additionally stimulates appetite.
It may also make you forget about your new healthy intentions… Just say “No”.


53. Think positive.
Weight management has a lot to do with attitude.
Feel positive about your task of losing weight – and it will come off and stay off with less effort than you expect.
Tell yourself that you know for sure that you can do it. Motivate yourself into a happy person. WANT the change.
The glass is half full!


54. Set yourself small, achievable goals.
Don’t overestimate your self-control at the start, failure to accomplish the task will only end in disappointment and the break-up with your newly met love for doing the right thing is inevitable.
Success is the biggest motivator.


55. Express Gratitude
…for your health, your body and your daily little successes.
How to do it right, you can learn here.

Being grateful will make you more aware of changes.
It also helps your mind to combine happiness with the sacrifices you make every day in order to be healthier.
Feeling good about your quest and yourself will keep you motivated.


Only you can take yourself to the horizon of your limits and into the sunset of success. ; )

Good Luck on your quest and stay strong!

PS: I would love to hear from you and your little big adventures and success stories. Leave me a comment below, if you like. x


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