✒ Become A Guardian

Let me inspire you to think:

This God you might call it, is the universe in all its power and beauty.
It is everything and everywhere.

We don’t need to build temples to worship energy and matter. For these temples are already in existence. Forming the fragile, mortal shells that protect each and every one of our own earthling’s souls.
But how we treat them is on us and will define the future of all beings and all of our existence.

If we keep striving blindly and selfish for power and physical things, our ignorance will vanquish by far what we are given to use and are able to achieve and comprehend.

We all are connected, made by the same source, from the start to the end, molecules driven by energy, forming matter, … all there is.

Playing with our abilities on a primitive level and disrespecting life, following the stubborn ways of our ancestors, that didn’t have the knowledge we are able to access now, we are forgetting, to attune with the highest power. Finding equilibrium.

The brain-choking stress of our daily life’s makes us sick, only wanting to look out for ourselves.
Avalanches of advertisement are telling us what we apparently need. We are walking over our friends bodies to conquer achievements we’ve been told to adore. Consuming carcasses of our fellow earthlings, because we’ve been made believe that we can’t survive without doing so. And we are feeding on synthetic drugs and additives to repair and conserve what was created by nature, intented to change.
And for what?

My mother taught me to think…
And to always question, who profits from it?
Is it really us ourselves, or is it the advertisement industry and the companies selling their unneeded products to us?

We are a new generation of people that start to care and to question again.
We are finally waking up.
We are the Changers,
Guardians of our planet.
We need to start to make a difference! Not only for us, but for future generations- of ALL of earths children.
We need to protect what is left!
We need to act NOW!

Believe in your own power, share your experiences and spread your knowledge.
Be the energy and matter that is willing to reach out, to feel the heartbeat of life, to see the bigger picture, to attune with other beings… To heal what is close to extinction. And make right on what has been done wrong.

We may each just be a drop of water upon a hot stone, but collectively we are the ocean that keeps our blue planet alive.
… Our only home.

Life is precious.


Photo by: MT

  • February 22, 2015
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