✒ How To Become Immortal

I can’t tell you not to fear death, as this can be a painful good bye for everyone involved. And regarding to your religion, you may have certain believes and expectations of what will come after… Will there be an after at all or just the abyss?
One of life’s biggest unanswered questions.

I like to believe in the following…

Whenever your physical body expires, you’re not gone forever and all is lost.

We are all immortal, in more than one way.

Genetically, your Code of Life will live on in your children and their children etc., evolving to a better and stronger version of whatever genes you’ve had available to create and develop your own body.

If you were so ambitious to make your mark in life, people will remember you for the deeds, inventions and creations you’ve left behind, to be mentioned throughout the future’s history.
But also your friends and especially your family, your loved ones that stay behind and finish their journey without you, will remember you for generations to come.

The universal, ancient and scientific Law of Energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another.
Therefor, our life’s energy – our soul – is immortal.
Even if you don’t believe in a Life after Death, Heaven or Reincarnation… In this, our universe, energy does not cease.

Think about this,
For as long as mankind exists, people have always believed in some form of life after death (see above).

When you are lucky enough to make it to an old age, your body will have lost the freshness of youth. And even for the ones that age with grace, that don’t grow older, just wiser…  your mind will stay young, you will just have to give up things throughout life and your ageing process, that you can’t do anymore due to the increasing weaknesses of your body, which will then result in your mentally ageing. One way or another you won’t get around it. And nevertheless you will be aching for a way back to youth.
But at what price? Pills,  plastic surgery, even freezing your genes for coming generations… Some people don’t shy away from anything. Is this necessary? Do we have to be afraid?

Whenever you have fulfilled all deeds that the universe has planned for you to accomplish, you’ll have the chance to go on an extraordinary adventure.
Your soul might go into another young and healthy body. A new start, a different appearance, new places to see, new people to meet, where no one will connect you to your previous mistakes and existence. Leaving everything behind. A new chance to prove yourself, to shine and make your mark in life.

Or will your energy sleep with the starts?

Will you go to another plane (let’s call it Heaven) and live an eternal life with your spiritual body?

Will you have to come back to earth and live for a certain amount of lifetimes, until you reach your soul’s perfection and are allowed to enter “heaven”?

No matter what you believe in, you’re core energy will live on, forever.

Books like The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne) and E squared (by Pam Grout) remind us in an entertaining and mind opening way, that we’re able – on a quantum-physical level – to make our existence more likeable, manifest our desired goals and even heal ourselves…
Everything in the universe, everything on earth, our body cells are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are all made of even smaller particles that all vibrate… basically pure Energy.
We are able to manipulate this (all) energy. And with a little practice, we are able to change our existence to the better.

Whatever expects us after this life, we can’t grasp with our tiny minds and we especially cannot influence it. So don’t fear the inevitable, but celebrate every moment we have and all the miracles it took to make every single one of us and each and everything around us possible.

Nothing is for granted!


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  • March 13, 2015
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