✒ 3 Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

We all want to save money these days, if you admit it or not.
It’s always nice to get a bargain and have money left to put toward something else you might need or want.
And since we sometimes don’t see the obvious, here are 3 of the things I started doing years ago, that have saved me a fortunes so far.
1. Take A Shot
If you find something that you really admire, but you are not sure if you really need it, or have a place for it in your home, take a picture of it and put it back on the shelf. Instant money saved.
Share the pictures on Pinterest and Instagram and other social networks, show off with your find to your heart’s content and enjoy the shots in the future.
You don’t have to buy everything you desire.
2. Second Hand First
When you are planning to buy a more expensive item, like a laptop for example, maybe you can befriend yourself with the thought of buying it second hand first. You will have then as much time as you need and want to try it out. You save already a lot of money and maybe you decide, that the second hand one is just what you wanted. You don’t need to tell anybody that you got it for cheaper, if you don’t want. And if you do decide, that you want to go for the newest and better version, you can still sell the second hand one on and get your money back to use for the purchase of the new one. A Win Win situation…
3. Check The Bottom Shelf
Many grocery stores sell their own brand items on the bottom shelves in every department. They packages may not always be as fancy looking as the more expensive ones, but honestly, the content and often the quality is exactly the same. You can save a fortune that way.
If you like to present your kitchen goods the fancy way, maybe re-invent your storage methods instead. Use gorgeous glass jars and boxes to show off the content. No one cares if you paid for a cheap or an expensive brand of oats, if the glass jar or bottle you keep them in is an asset to your kitchen decor.
These are just 3 very simple changes, that can save you a lot of money over time.
Stay tuned and I’ll show you many more ways of how to be thrifty.
Thanks for reading!
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  • March 27, 2015
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