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If you are a blogger, or if you want to become one, you know, that the most important thing of your blog is amazing blog posts. Content is, what drives people to your blog and makes your blog grow.
To be prepared and organised every day throughout the year, (no matter if you plan on posting material every day or only once a week), it is best for you to use an Editorial Calendar.

I’m using a self created template that I like to share with you.
You can download your copy here and use it as you please.
Posts This Week
You may want to print 52 of them (as the year has 52 weeks) and sort them into your planner/organising folder.



  • I start usually, after printing the templates, to fill in the dates below each day of the week.
  • I then check online important holidays of the year and write them into the grey boxes, just below the dates.
  • After that, I chose my categories, that stay the same all the time, and fill them into the “category” column.
  • I like to sort my posts into the relevant categories (you have 10 available here). You can sort your categories via priority or appearance on your blog page.
  • When you fill in your upcoming posts, you can use colours, arrows and such, to mark category boxes, if the post would fit in several categories.
  • You can use the grey lines below each box, to mark in the completing stage of each post.


I hope, this editorial calendar helps you as much as it helps me, when organising my to-do’s.
Please, leave me a comment, if you would suggest any adjustments, or if you think that this templet is helpful at all.

Much success with your blog.


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