✒ How To Create Your Best Idea

If you want to be an inventor and create something really useful that might -even just for a short time- influence and change the world, you don’t have to think too far into the future and come up with hover-bots, to build flying cars.

There are all kinds of people, that invent really cool stuff every day.
Just look online and see the many creative ideas people come up with to find solutions for their every day problems.

What are your creative solutions for your problems?
If you could just filter the good from the bad, design something that would really sell and find a lucrative way to put it on the market… you’ll earn millions.

You may also find a new way to use something already existing…
Like the following example:

I remember knotting and unknotting, looping and tangling rubber bands to create nice things, out of boredom on my desk in school many years ago. I still do it sometimes. I’ve seen other people doing it. It’s fun.
And small rubber bands have existed much longer than my boredom-killing magic-knotting skills, usually used for small plaits and dreadlocks.

Now: Someone really marketing smart and enthusiastic just combined the two, added a splash of colour and made a fortune of “Rainbow Loom“ crazy kids.
Brilliant idea!


An successful invention doesn’t need to be something entirely new,
but a new perspective on an existing solution. – MT


  1. Write down a few ideas
  2. get inspired online or on Pinterest
  3. and find a new way of doing things better and more easily.

Tip: The more common the problem, the more units of your invention will be required and eventually sold…


There are organisations, that are really helpful with funding money for your project and introducing your idea to likeminded inventors. (Collaborations possible?)


Here are a few examples:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • Peoplefund.it
  • CrowdFunder
  • RocketHub
  • CrowdCube (Angel Investor Fund)


Specific Funder sites:

  • SmallKnot (small businesses)
  • Gambitious (video game inventions)
  • MedStartr (HealthCare inventions)
  • Spot.us (community journalism)
  • GigFunder (for campaigns to get bad on tour)


So what will you come up with? Something entirely new or an enhancement for an existing solution? Surprise yourself and always keep believing!


Please leave a comment about your success story or any questions you might have. xx


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  • June 29, 2015
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