✒ 101 Things You Can Do When You’re Bored

If you have these moments where nothing seems appealing and you are bored beyond acceptance, here are a few ideas for you to get busy.

Enjoy!  :)


  1. start your own family tree and search your ancestry online – might sound boring, but it is absolutely addictive
  2. sell something on Ebay
  3. research for something that interests you
  4. learn a new language, there are many free options online and in the app store /or brush up on one you already know
  5. craft something unique
  6. watch a documentary (there are many sites where you can watch them online for free)
  7. play The Name Game (created funny version of a known name with the use of a food or animal or such (like: Elvis Parsley, Rubbarbara Streisand, Cod Steward, Curry Barlow or… Steven Seagull)
  8. write an exciting short story
  9. clean your home – you’ll feel much better coming home to it, maybe invite some friends over for maybe a tea part
  10. promote your hobby online and find a way to make money with it, (it might become a money-making dream job for you)
  11. organise your room, and make it look fresh by moving furniture around.
  12. try something new in the kitchen (cooking, baking, drinks) experiment Kitchen = Lab
  13. check out sites like Pinterest, Bloglovin’ or Reddit and surf around
  14. read your “Pocket-App” list
  15. listen to a podcast
  16. go on StumbleUpon.com - learn something new in categories of your interest
  17. create something new out of something old, (like spray-painting jars to decorate your home and garden with)
  18. turn your favourite Instagram photos into canvas prints online, or
  19. make a photo collage out of your favourite shots (you could decorate your walls with a collage of hundreds of them)
  20. make a personal photo card for someone you like
  21. surf Etsy.com
  22. make a list of awesome names, you never know what you need it for
  23. watch the sunset
  24. re-organise your wardrobe and create new outfits with clothes you’ve already got
  25. photoshop your favourite photos and show off with them on Instagram
  26. play an instrument you own, or learn to play one
  27. create a time capsule
  28. make a movie bucket list and start watching
  29. make a life’s bucket list and start planning the adventure
  30. surf the app store and take advantage of new free apps you like
  31. start a blog about something you are ace at and passionate about & then promote it
  32. start writing a novel
  33. watch a youtube tutorial or a TED Talk, or learn something on CreativeLive.com
  34. Skype with someone
  35. start an Instagram account for your pet
  36. invite friends and do something together (play a board game or go hiking…)
  37. check out Chatroulette.com - a fun way to meet people all around the world
  38. have a coaster/card house challenge with someone (photo proof, Skype, snapchat…)
  39. play an online chess game, or Solitaire, or your favourite video game
  40. write a review at TripAdvisor.com or Amazon.com
  41. catch up on the latest news
  42. google new recipes and make a folder, to remember them
  43. challenge your brain on QuizUp (app)
  44. make a book list of books you want and start reading
  45. organise a book-club and talk about your favourite books
  46. make pan cakes/cookies/muffins and surprise a neighbour or friend
  47. try out a new hair style
  48. create a new recipe with things you’ve got in the house
  49. start a gratitude journal
  50. inform yourself about online college courses … you never know what you’ll find on your path in life
  51. tidy up something you didn’t tidy in a long time, like your utility drawer
  52. start a diary, write your dreams and achievements in it and work our a way to achieve your goals
  53. write a poem,  you might find a new talent within yourself
  54. write and decorate an awesome (paper) letter to someone you miss
  55. catch up on recorded TV shows
  56. make lemonade/ice tea/milkshake/ice-cream yourself and chillax
  57. pre-cook your lunches for the next week and make them as healthy as possible
  58. sort out your wardrobe
  59. up-cycle your old favourite clothes (make something new out of them)
  60. redecorate a room
  61. create an online photo gallery to send to friends and loved ones (Picasa)
  62. start your own website
  63. google a new hairstyle
  64. learn something new on Wikipedia or Quora
  65. try out a (free) new game on the app store
  66. update your favourite playlist
  67. repair some clothes that need fixed/stitched
  68. make a photo book out of your favourite shots, your crafts or drawings
  69. exercise
  70. do some Yoga
  71. meditate
  72. plan and prepare a short holiday/weekend trip/road trip
  73. organise a party, maybe a girls/boys night in
  74. try out a new recipe
  75. make a scrapbook out of some experience worth remembering
  76. up-cycle some old furniture
  77. grow your own greens/herbs/vegetables
  78. repot your house plants
  79. deep-clean a room / your kitchen, you’ll feel brilliant afterwards
  80. walk a neighbour’s dog
  81. mow your lawn
  82. paint a stilllife
  83. improve your photography/editing skills (by maybe making a pop art photo collage out of your favourite shot)
  84. make your own Typography canvas/poster
  85. knit/crochet/sew something
  86. make a facial mask out of ingredients you have in your house and relax
  87. have your own spa at home day and spoil yourself with a long bubble bath, waxing and doing your nails
  88. do a crossword puzzle, or some sudoku
  89. listen to the radio and sing along
  90. inform yourself about local groups or courses (dance/sport/arts…) that you can attend
  91. mix some cocktails to try
  92. find a new make up style for yourself
  93. make your own natural cleaning products from household items
  94. sort out items to give away for charity or to friends
  95. make a homemade recipe for a beauty product for her or him, from Pinterest as a giveaway
  96. start selling your creations on Etsy.com
  97. put a puzzle together
  98. find new music online (youtube, 365Sparks.com, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud… also check your Shazam list)
  99. sort and organise through your paperwork and beautify your home office
  100. make a spirit board (a pin board, with all your goals in writing or pictures…to inspire you to follow your dreams)
  101. Surf content on Adoreneon.com ;)


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  • July 18, 2015
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