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Now that the season has changed and all the dull colours have disappeared and changed into beautiful soft pastels and bright accents everywhere you look, it is time for you to brighten up yourself. To come out of your hibernation camouflage and adorn yourself and your home, to attract new, vibrant people and to show off your best sides.

The use of colours is not just important to make the world look nice, but also to maintain and to better you mental health, as colours have a certain impact on our mood.
There are many ways of using colours. And many opportunities that you are already taking – knowingly or unknowingly.
Take your favourite colour for example. It makes you feel a certain way, that’s why you prefer it over others.
Every colour has its powers. And to save you time on reading up on Colour Therapy, here are 3 tips for beginners:

1) Change the colour of your Home and little Things in your life

Painting can be time consuming and expensive, but with the countless possibilities and inexpensive materials you can purchase today, you may change your life in just one productive day.
And if you don’t want to change the colour of your rooms, get yourself some bright accessories to help you lift your mood and brighten up your life.
Feng Shui suggests certain colours for different rooms in the house, regarding the energy they’re radiating.
The Psychology of colours is quite simple.
Just for example:

Sunny YELLOW creates cozy, welcoming warmth and radiance in your home and life. It is the best colour for your kitchen, as it increases your metabolism, brightens the room and gives you energy.

RED, the colour of passion, courage and romance galvanises action and can raise your heart rate. Adding energy of joy and happiness to your home. The best colour choice for the dining room, as it encourages appetite.

The colour of growth, health and vibrance… GREEN… is balancing and nourishing and best added to areas where you need to be creative and balanced. The perfect colour for the bedroom, as it radiates tranquility an health.

The optimistic colour ORANGE is also called the social colour and is best added to rooms where you expect lively conversations and good times. A brilliant choice for an office or a living room area.

The very high vibration colour PURPLE is also a colour of socialising, but also healing and meditation. It calms the nerves and allowes relaxation. A living room or meditation area decorated in purple would be the perfect choice.

PINK is gentle, soothing and loving. Its warming and calming effect can be useful everywhere in the house, from girl’s and bedrooms to the laundry room.

WHITE is the colour of innocence, freshness and new beginnings. It purifies your feelings and satisfies your mind. Good for any room in the house.

If you’re looking for calm, tranquility and peace, chose the colour BLUE. Blue can boost self-esteem and help you to communicate more clearly. It can also help with creative problem-solving and even in calming anxiety. Since it is the most productive colour, it would be well suited in an office space.

2) Change the Colour of your Hair

That can make you feel more exciting, prettier.
When you feel better about yourself, your self-esteem rises remarkably. Making you indeed look healthier, happier and prettier (glowing proud eyes, winning smile, head-held-up-high-posture…)
You will turn heads for sure.

3) Change the colour of your Clothes

Most of us have a certain colour they always go back to. Why not find another inspiring one… or many?

Whenever you change your hair colour, you often have to change your make-up and your clothes too, as they may not match the new colour in your life.

But change is good and should be done often enough to keep you happy with yourself.
And if you’re happy with yourself, you’ll brighten up and stand out of the crowd.
Not always inconvenient ;)


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  • April 24, 2015
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