✒ Detox Your Life

If you’ve ever had the feeling:

that there are not enough hours in the day,
that the people that surround you are draining your energy,
that you don’t perform as well anymore as you did maybe 5 years ago, or
that you are exhausted and unwell…

It’s time to boost your body and mind and to detox your life.

Starting is always the hardest part. But here you can find some tips for making it easier for yourself.

You can detox your body, by flushing out toxins and depriving it of sugary treats. But this is only one part on a bigger scale. You can start with the detoxing of your body and feel much better regarding your health. But you will soon find, that this is not all you’d like to change.

So here are a few tips, how to cleanse your life of all its negative influences- in just a few days.



> Make time for yourself.

Don’t say Yes to every work offer and every invite that comes your way.
You will only burn yourself out in the long run; and many people don’t ever recover 100% from something like this.
It doesn’t matter what age you are or feel, or how dedicated you are to your job and projects.

Our brains can only fully focus for 90 minutes at a time.
A 15 minute break every few hours can ‘move mountains’.

Take a Time Out.
Just 5 minutes of reading or listening to music can lower your stress levels by about 66%.
By having a cup of tea or coffee, or even by taking a walk you can reduce your stress by up to about 50%.
So step out, take a deep breath and busy yourself in your break to at least one of the above.

> Make sure to get enough sleep.

An average of 6 hours of undisturbed sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind.
If you’ve had a rough night, make time for a power nap the day after. How to do it right, you can read here.

> Distract yourself.

Find time to meet with friends and family. You never know what opportunity could find you outside your work atmosphere.
Get a hobby, pursue a dream, create something, plan a holiday…

Just don’t get yourself worked up over little things that might be unimportant tomorrow.



> The wrong kind of Friends

Nothing can pull you down as much as someone who is jealous of your success, your life your skills or the people you surround yourself with.
Distance yourself especially from people that don’t shy away from hurting you or your image. Those people are bullies and hateful and capable of anything. If you have people like that in your life, back out as smoothly as you can.

> Energy Vampires

Do you know those kind of people that love to hang out with you, because it makes (only) THEM feel better? Those pessimists, that leave you weakened and upset after every conversation? You may be their only friend and they point out more than often that their life sucks. And no matter how much change you offer them, they just keep dwelling in their bitterness.
Those are people that, knowingly or not, deprive you of your energy and happiness. And although you feel yourself committed to help them, they may never change as long as they’ve got you to complain to.

> Identify your positive and negative relationships

You don’t need to constantly entertain 20 people and more.
What you should have, is a handful of people that you can trust with your life. And those few people, friends that are almost like family, those are the ones you should spend your time and energy on.
Apparently, by having a good group of friends when you’re older, increases the length of your natural life by 22%.

So, stop interacting with fake friends and spend more time with the people that matter; that believe in you and help you achieve your goals.

> Letting go.

Minimise your friends list to simply containing your positive relationships and waste less time on social networks.



> What do you really need of all the things you’ve got?

I regularly go through my wardrobe, shelfs and drawers and let go of things I haven’t worn or looked at in a while and donate them to local charity shops.
You may as well find, that you have selling skills on eBay. Go for it and make some extra pocket money. Being successful with little feats like that can cheer you up a lot.
Do new things and get rid of the old!

Today, where you can digitalise anything, you don’t have to hold on to everything, to keep your memories alive.

Paper files and photographs can be scanned in and stored online or on external hard drives. Easily accessible from anywhere in the world (with and without a wifi connection), this method proves itself more handy than a briefcase full of paper, right?

Safe some trees and read your magazines and newspapers on your tablet. This also saves you time for physically buying and then recycling them.
Safe the Planet. Change your ways. You’re part of the digital age.

Check also your kitchen, bathroom and storage facilities and let go off everything you haven’t looked at in the last year or two.

Remove your dust catchers and make space for new memories.

Less is more.



> Exercise

Do it alone or meet new people. Join a sports group or dance class, if the gym isn’t for you…

I like to combine my power walk and jogging exercise with my way to work and back. Since I have a job that keeps me physically active all day, I don’t mind adding my chosen exercise to my daily work way routine, as it saves me time. If you work in an office, tho, I’m sure you prefer to sweat some other time.

You should aim on losing maximal 0.5-1kg per week, to stay healthy.

To feel a benefit at all, adults should at least spend 150 minutes of moderne-intensive exercise per week. You can cut it into bursts of at least 10 minutes.

… So you could, for example walk to work instead of taking the bus. Put some wrist or ankle weights on and intensify your workout.
Carry your daily groceries home, instead of using your car.
Or go for a relaxing walk in your lunch break, to clear your head.

Anything you like… Just get up, get out there and do something cool.

> Eat Healthy

And finally, detox the way you’ve heard it before… your body.

Here a few basic tips to improve your nutrition based health:
- Drink plenty of water.
- Eat less meat. Cutting down your animal protein intake will improve your cholesterol.
- Swap creamy sauces for vegetable based ones and cut out the added fat.
- Swap sugary foods for healthy snacks.
- And party responsibly.

If you’d like to read up on more tips to healthy eating and losing weight & keeping it off, please click here.

And if you want to find out more about how to tackle your food cravings, click here.


I hope you make the right choices when detoxing your life. You don’t need any regrets to stress about.

Make your life more enjoyable and improve your mental wellbeing,
by regularly stopping, evaluating and cutting down your stress levels.

Only you can do it.
You’re the master of your destiny!


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  • April 25, 2015
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