✒ How To Stay Strong, When Everything Seems To Fall Apart

Maybe you can relate:

A long time ago, I was at a point in my life, where I didn’t see a way out of my misery.
No matter what I did, life didn’t seem to get any better. I was stuck in my situation and I felt weak and worthless.
The burdens kept piling up and regardless of how much effort I put into things, nothing seemed to work out for me.
I thought, this was everything that life had to offer.

But I was wrong!

I was scared of losing myself and I started searching for one thing worth living for – one spark of light in the darkness.
And when I found it, I held on to it with all I’ve had left in me. And I started to fight.
If there was one think I didn’t know about before, there might be another?
And I didn’t give up and I didn’t give in. And I grew stronger, learning from my mistakes and using my newly achieved knowledge to my advantage.
And through this fight I found them; more things to cherish. And life started to light up a little.

I’ve took a brave step and started over again, in a new place, where nobody knew me and nobody judged me. A new chapter in life.
I could prove myself and people started to look up to me.
I grew stronger and braver and started to understand life’s secrets.
And this knowledge made me over time to the strongest and happiest person I know.

And if YOU think, that life takes it out on you. That nobody likes you. That you are worth nothing…
Then please just trust me when I say that:
You ARE worth something! You’re worth a life – your life! A life that only you have.
You are special!
You are loved!
And the most important realisation is: You ARE.
You’re here, you’re alive. Your entire existence is a miracle in itself. Your birth, your body, your character,…
Don’t throw this away, don’t waste it.

Do something with your life! Make something out of yourself!
You are here for a reason. And even if you can’t see that reason just yet,… YOU were meant to be.
You are here, to make a difference. Every single one of us is here on earth to play a part in life’s amazing mosaic.

Make the change, get on the right path, experiment and find your calling.
Impress with your differences.
Or move away, if the people around you don’t get your point.
(And if you can’t move just yet, keep yourself busy until you have the means and until the time is right.)

And if some people treat you rough; it is not always you that makes them act that way.
We ALL have our demons, our problems, our needs.

Life isn’t meant to be easy. Life is a constant chain of possibilities to prove yourself.
Be strong!
Dare to be different!
Dare to change the rules!

You are UNIQUE.
Nobody else was, or will ever be like you.
Nobody has your knowledge, your skills and your ideas combined the way you have.
Use this to your advantage. Create something nobody else can.
And seriously, everyone of us has at least one good idea in life. Don’t you agree?
Work hard and make this idea your legacy.

Looks don’t matter much when you are successful. Beauty perishes with age.
And projects can be financed in many different ways.
Don’t let things like that hold you back.

I dare you to fight… for your own life, your happiness, your place in the world.
Be your own spark of light in the darkness, like a star on the night sky. Open your eyes and look around you. There are many more like you and me.
But only you have the means to do it.
YOU are the key to your happiness. You are the only one who can turn your life around.

Get up, get out and make something out of your existence!
Only YOU can do it!


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  • March 20, 2015
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