✒ Exercise Your Senses

The next time you are planning to be out and about, go for a little walk instead of taking the car or the bus.
Look around you.
Really open your eyes and take everything in.
The beauty of nature, the efforts of architects, landscapers, builders, … who made everything around you the way you see it there and then.
Explore the scents, the sounds, the energy in the air.
Look people in the face. Try to translate their expression. Remember, we all have problems and situations we are dealing with, deadlines, little and big disasters, stress, illnesses… We’re all under pressure. Maybe this is a good time for one of those special light hearted smiles that you can throw without worry at strangers, it might be the exact thing they needed, to feel better, or simply to interrupt their worries even just for a moment.
Try it out! You never know how a little gesture like that can effect the day for either one of you.
: )


Photo by: MT

  • February 27, 2015
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