✒ Why You Should Daily Practise Gratitude

I read a few books on the law of attraction. And I always thought that I was already naturally doing my fair share of being positive and grateful about the things that happen to me, as well as seeing and being aware of the little miracles others don’t notice.
But I soon found myself stood in the corner.
I’ve learned from the authors of those books, my mentors… and life took, slowly but surely, a different path for me.

Finding yourself on my website is proof that you’re aiming for the same path I’ve taken. You want to be more positive, you want to make a change.
Here is, how to start:

I will try to explain to you with a little bit of Quantum Physics, but as simple as possible, that everything in the universe is made of atoms and energy, aiming for equilibrium.
Let me try…
Atoms vibrate, connecting with other atoms to build molecules, to build bigger things, like rocks and plants and cells and bodies and everything else there is.
Everything is therefor also vibrating… with energy.
Energy does not cease. Energy, if good or bad, is always there, surrounding us, influencing us. Like the poles of a magnet – positive and negative – one can not exist without the other. Yin and Yang.

We believe to be insensitive to those vibrations. But we really just have never been taught to use those gifts of nature. That doesn’t mean, we are oblivious to them.
Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t talked to in a long time and that person contacts you a few moments later, because he or she was thinking of you, too?
You don’t have to be a psychic to sense certain things either. A mother that knows that her child is in danger, without even being near it, is not a rarity.

If you believe in more than coincidences or not, you do transmit energy. Animals can sense your mood, your aura, which is simply your energy field. You can transmit heat (a form of energy) from your body to another. And if you’ve ever had a session with a healer, you can feel the vibrations quite intense.
Some creatures are able to use vibrations of different frequencies in even more developed ways, to communicate, or to hunt. Using for example sound and sonar in water and air, to engage with their environment.
Plants have auras too.
And even stones, especially semi-precious gemstones radiate their healing and protecting rays, caused by the vibrations of their atoms.
But it is not all about vibrations.

I mentioned before, that the universe aims for equilibrium, the perfect balance of all things.

Whatever you send out, if positive or negative frequencies, will, like the waves of a sonar, or an echo, boomerang back to you.
Being already willing to be more positive, will make it a lot easier for you to emit the right frequency and amount of vibrations.
Many religions teach, whatever you send out, you shall receive. And they can’t all be wrong.
Sending positive energy, by being more grateful, will animate Karma (or God, as you may call it) to pay you back with even more positive events.

Being truly grateful will also flood your brain with endorphins, better and longer lasting than any chocolate ice cream. Trust me!

Focusing on the little things we otherwise take for granted will make you aware of the miracles around us. All the ‘gifts’ that make your life worth living.

But to be able to focus, you have to first be aware of them.
Take a pen and paper and start writing down a list of things that you are truly grateful for. Anything from for example waking up this morning with the first ray of sunlight on your face, to have been healthy and prepared enough to pass a difficult test. A positive Doctor’s result, an unexpected cheque in the mail, a smile from a stranger…
Anything you come up with that you had today, that you didn’t have yesterday, or that others are unfortunate not to have, or never have known at all.

Maybe the following questions will help you with your list:
How many things are actually right with you rather than wrong?

What have you got that others envy or complement on? (Maybe the colour of your eyes, your skills, your relationships, your knowledge, your reputation?)
Who are you grateful for? (An always loving and caring mother, an amazing partner, a special pet?)
Do you have a roof over your head and clothes to wear? A friend you can rely on…

You might want to record surprising events, as they trigger a stronger feeling of gratitude.
Also, being grateful for other people has more emotional impact than being grateful for objects.

You will soon find, that you are blessed with more things than you can count.
Be grateful for every single one of them. And NEVER take any of them for granted!

If you have already a Gratitude Journal or the above mentioned list, take no more than 1 point from your list that you want to be grateful for per day.
Don’t overdo it. You want to say more than a superficial Thank You.
Focus on one of those “gifts” and elaborate in great detail why you are grateful for it. How much it has changed your life to the better.
You don’t have to write it all down. But really go into detail, close your eyes… feel your gratitude from deep within.

Setting yourself in the right mood is important for sending the right frequencies.
Put some time aside in which you are uninterrupted, light a scented candle or incense, relax… If you’re up for it, meditate over it.
If you feel at peace, your vibrations are more intense. So, whatever positive you receive shall be more intense as well.

This exercise will help you to pay attention, to the little things you should be grateful for. Things you still may take for granted.
Expressing gratitude will give you a feeling of happiness and peace. It will allow you to see the meaning certain events create for YOUR life. It will show you that not everything is bad in your life. That there are many people and things and experiences others will never be fortunate enough to experience.
Being aware of those things will make you see that you are a good person. Not everybody can express gratitude.
You’re doing well! :)

Here is a little assignment for you, to test how serious you are about being a better person?
Try to figure out how you can use even just one of the things you’re blessed with to make your little world a better place. And apply it today.

I would love to read your success story in the comment section below. :)

Have a GREAT day, every day!


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