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One Path to Happiness…

We all have our difficulties, our problems and painful memories. All of us have to cope with something negative in our lives.
It is the way we deal with it, that differs us from others.


If this something, you are stressing about is impossible to be changed,
stop working yourself up about it!
Accept that you can’t change it and find strength and reason to cope with the hard task of finding a way past it.
Clear your head and find a solution without aiming for a heart attack.

If you have disappointed,
feel the drive inside of you to prove that you’re better than that.

If you’re losing a competition,
be relaxed, inspired and creative with your come-backs and you’ll leave your opponents in awe.

The most important thing ALWAYS is, to NEVER EVER give up!
Not on yourself, not on your work, your believes or your choices you’ve made.

Find your inner balance, and it will change you to the better.

Your happy place can help you with that…
If you can work it to your favour, your “hard times” will brighten up quicker than you expect.

I find, that when you visualise the most precious things in your life (and with visualising I mean, to make yourself aware of them – as often as you can), then you create yourself a special place or space where you can dip in to whenever you need a little bit of positive energy.

It is incredibly important to have this possibility. Most people have a key to their happy place and are not aware of it.

I created my special spaces in places where I have often access to. Because I too need to be regularly reminded of my happiness, where I can reach for, mentally, when I’m stressed out.
A reminder of why I’m doing all of this, why I accept the stress in my workplace, for example. A reason why I’m glad to suffer a little in order to receive a lot of positive energy from somewhere else. Your children, partner, dear pets, your own house… Something you work for to make life better.

So, this special space might be the photo collage of my most favourite family shots on my iPad cover, or on my phone screen, a locket, a talisman. A short video about a place that means tranquillity to you, or anything else, that cheers you up; like your favourite band’s name scribbled on your college folder, or a love letter you’re holding dear. A piece of jewellery that you keep fiddling with or your lucky stone in your pocket. Something that carries you away from where you are right now, to a place you’d rather want to be, just for as long enough as you need, to calm the waves of your inner anger, helplessness and anxiety.

If you don’t have anything that snaps you right out of reality, – a key to a place no one else can ever go to, your place of inner calm, a reminder of your happiness, – then you should definitely get one.
You can use really anything… Be creative! ;)

Use it often, calm yourself and relax.
And things will over time work themselves out more and more effortlessly.


And you can smile more often again /:)

My Happy Place



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  • April 07, 2015
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