✒ How To Live Without Regrets

My mother told me once when I was in doubt wether to be in balance with my past…
that you truly don’t have to regret anything in life.

That all the decisions you made in your past, you only made, because back then, in that moment of time they were the right decisions for you to make. With all pro’s and contra’s considered…

So, if such a decision was right for your past, then that doesn’t mean that these were wrong decisions, just because life didn’t turn out the way you planned it back then. And all the wiser you now know that these decisions may have been mistakes; observing the bigger picture today with a little distance.

But everything happens for a reason. And your former self has been the reason for your chosen path, no matter where it has lead you.

Because after all, these decisions made you to the person you are today…
… wiser and hopefully, in one way or another, proud of yourself.

And if not…
then maybe it’s time to make a decision to change your way.


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  • April 01, 2015
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