✒ What You Can Learn From The School of Life

School teaches you what you need to know in life. But the things that are important ABOUT life, you will learn yourself… If you want it or not.

When I got into school all my fellow students wanted to be really good. I wanted to be even better.
Many students feel like that. And many find themselves therefor as the outsider.
Is this really what you should learn for life?
That trying to achieve to be a better person is collectively seen as a bad thing?

But you can’t stand out in life, be special, be unique, (a constant, that human kind is driven to accomplish these days everywhere in the world), if you just want to be like everybody else.
No great inventions have ever been made by people that wanted to keep everything the way it is. Just to keep the peace for themselves.

So, if you want to have a purpose in life:
Ignore the people that hurt your believe in yourself.
Get up! Get out there! And change something for the better. (It doesn’t matter, if it is just for yourself, or if you’re trying to repaint the “big picture”.)
Be brave!
Ditch the bullies. They will end up envying you, as Karma has a way to always turn things around.
Don’t be afraid to know your power, to change the world, to publish your ideas, to reach for the very top!
Don’t wait for someone else to make your decisions.
If you don’t do it yourself… and if you don’t do it now, somebody else of the over 7 billion people on earth might have the same idea… and won’t wait until you make up your mind.
Impress NOW!

You’re never too young or too old to make your mark in life!
Just DO IT!


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  • March 31, 2015
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