✒ 6 Worldwide Opportunities You Should Consider Before You Finish School

School will be out soon for summer. For many students it will be over for good.
Before you step out into the “real world” and face your higher education, a 9-5 job or the plan of having a family, you might want to consider, to live a little bit first. Make memories and grow wiser.

Youth passes way too quickly. Before you notice, you’re 30 and on a point where people expect you to make rational decisions, regarding the purpose of your life. If you decide to live your life boundary free (with a freelancer) or prefer to have a routine (family, job, house, car…), shouldn’t matter to others, but they will still try to bug you with their opinions, to make their own life look less miserable, compared to what could have been. Compared to the options that YOU have right NOW.

You may want to think, there will always be time later for things like the following mentioned, or the right time hasn’t come just yet. But let me tell you, from my own experience… there is no such thing as ‘The Right Time’.

It doesn’t cost much to travel the world today, when you find the right people to guide you.
There are endless possibilities and also endless websites, that will help you with your plans and adventures.

To go on a well planned trip – if alone, or with friends – is not as dangerous, as your parents might think.

And an experience of this caliber will teach and follow you for the rest of your life. Priceless!

I wasn’t as adventurous when I left school, as some of my school mates were. And my regrets follow me until today. I moved to a foreign country almost 8 years ago. I built myself a life here from scratch with no help from others. I jumped into this head over heels (I must confess) and my culture shock-quake had one aftershock after the other. Few things surprise me anymore today, trust me… But the life lessons learned are priceless – for me; and now for you too. ;)

To know, where you want to go in life, requires knowledge of what possibilities you have. And to find out about them, you have to leave the place, that doesn’t inspire you enough to find the solution on your own.

Therefor, I’ll offer you some food for thought and maybe, you’ll have the adventure of your lifetime.

Here are 5 options that I looked into, when I left school many years ago… still regretting that I couldn’t bring myself to leave home, so close to the time I than actually did leave my country. Silly me!


Work & Travel:

When you chose Work & Travel or Holiday Jobs, you kill three birds with one stone.
a. You can travel the country of your dreams.
b. You cover your running costs with the money you earn there, without needing a big budget beforehand.
c. You make already connections and experiences on the job marked there, should you consider coming back after your diploma/degree that you’ve planned on doing at home.

Here are just 3 examples of a huge kaleidoscopic pallet of possibilities for work and travel jobs.

Africa: wildlife carer
You would maybe help in a sanctuary with the care of injured and neglected wild animals.

Australia: fruit picker
This is a very common job for foreign, work interested adventurers. You don’t need any special education and fruits/vegetables are cultivated there all year. So, there is always a need for pickers.

US: camp leaders
Spending your summer holidays in an american camp as a camp leader can be very rewarding, not just for your personal growth but also for your work portfolio. Motivating and managing groups are some of the main tasks of a successful manager in any company.


Au pair:

If you are a great babysitter, with a good sense for responsibilities; having some organisation skills and are not allergic to housework, then Au pair might be the right thing for you.

You would move in with a family in the country of your choice and you would earn some money, for taking care of the children of the household.

You will be able to have days off and travel, as well as study and to improve your foreign language skills.


World trip:

For a world trip you need to be well informed and well prepared, or at least you should have a backup plan, if things don’t work out the way you’ve imagined them.

Read up on other people’s success stories and learn their tricks.

Have always enough money aside for the ticket back home.

And don’t get lost…

All fright aside: This is the biggest adventure you could possibly have :D


Student Swap:

You could also enter into a program, that enables high school students to spend a school year in a different country.

You would live with a guest family, that is supported by the program as well. And you would have the possibility to improve your language skills, meet different people, learn about different cultures and values, make connections that may help you in the future and maybe even get your drivers licence early (if you are 16 and over and go to the US). You will learn to be more independent and to have your own responsibilities.

Attention: You may have to repeat that school year in your home country when you return. (Ask your school for more information on this topic.)


Language Schools

There are possibilities and opportunities in every foreign country to attempt a language course. You spend up to 6 months in the country of your choice, live with a guest family or with other students and attend courses to improve your language skills. You may also attempt internships in local businesses and companies, to test your new knowledge in a real environment.


Apply for a foreign University / Internship:

When your time has come to apply for a University, you are able to chose worldwide. You could even work part-time and study online from home.


If you do consider studying, working or getting work experience in a foreign country, for all the above mentioned reasons, it will most definitely be a plus on your work portfolio.

Below I have listed a few helpful links, that might steer you in the right direction. You will find many more, when you look deeper into your chosen field of interest and the country you’d like to explore.

You will also have to inform yourself about visa and student visa regulations in your country of choice.

Please, be so kind and comment in the section below, if you have any more inspiration that you would like to share, or maybe you would like to let us know about your choices, experiences and adventures. Every bit of input helps.

Thank you for reading and…

YOU are the captain of your ship.


10 Helpful websites, in no particular order:













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