✒ How To Smile Yourself Happy

If you are capable to smile at the toughest things,
your competitors will respect you without fail. – MT

And like everything else in life
even if it is hard at the start,
practise and stick to your plan
and you will be able to achieve anything you want.

Try it first thing every morning:
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
This will be the first of many smiles of the day
you will give
AND receive…
every day from now on.

Your Reward:
If you try the biggest honest smile you possibly can,
(even if you don’t feel like it at that moment),
you will feel automatically a little bit happy.

Feeling happy is feeling good. And Goodness is, what we aim for. – MT

And you may don’t know it yet, but a smile can open you MANY doors.


Photo by: MT

  • March 25, 2015
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