✒ The Solution To All Of Your Problems

Whenever you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought?
Are you happy to be alive?
Are you happy to wake up where you are and next to whom you find yourself?
Are you happy about the prospect of your daily schedule? Your job? The people you will deal with that day? Your partner? Your Family? Friends? The city you live in? Your place? Your possessions?

And what about yourself?
Do you like who you are?
Do you like what you do for a living?
Do you like the way you treat people and other fellow earthlings? Do you like the way you treat yourself?
Are you doing enough for your health?
Do you look the way you want to look and do you always look your best?
Are you at peace with everyone and everything?
Are you as happy as you can be and do you share you happiness enough?

I have never met anyone who has answered all above questions with a strong YES.
We all have our demons. Because we are to busy dealing with things in our lives instead of sitting back and reflecting on solutions for our self-created problems.

Who do you think will safe you?
What do you think will turn your life around?

Many religions teach us, that we walk our path alone. And they are absolutely right.

As much as our parents had influence on our first life’s stage, our childhood; as much or as little we turned out to follow their believes.
Nobody else will ever have the right and the power to shape us in any way as much as our parents did in these early years of our life.

While school gets us ready for life, teaching us the ground rules and the ground knowledge we need to survive in the world, for when we’re ready to leave the nest; school doesn’t bring us up. It won’t look out for us after we leave it.
Our teachers are mentors, friends at best. We trust them with our important questions about life. But they are bound to a curriculum and laws and can only stretch the limits so far.

Our parents are supposed to be the people we can rely on; our main strings to guide us through life’s labyrinth until we’re old enough to find our own ways into a new foreign world of responsibilities and life itself.

As children we trusted in our parents with our hopes and dreams, our friendships and love, they influenced our environment and education, our understanding of relationships and life and etiquette and laws… they taught us their truth about right and wrong.
But parents are also bound to certain limits; a different generation, with different rules and a different understanding of the world.
Helpful with recommendations of their collected knowledge, but not the sole solution for our problems and questions at the present time.

After we reach the age of being able to be on our own, it’s on us and us alone.

Nobody will be there for sure, to guide us.
Nothing is for granted.
And no one will be with us forever, regardless of how much we pray.

So, no matter who you are or who you have become;
no matter if you meet certain standards, that you would like to meet, or if you don’t;
no matter where you are in life, or where you want to be…
If you are not 100% satisfied with what you have achieved in life, or think you will be able to achieve…

You have to understand one thing:
The only person that can turn your life around; the only event that ought to be created to help you out; the only magic wand that puts you on the right path is swung by only one entity…

YOU are the solution to your problems, … as well as their creator.
YOU are the only one that can make the decision to turn your life around, or you can leave it the way it is.
YOU are the creator of your own happiness, as well as your own misery. Others only add to it. (Negative people that you let into your life. Events, you don’t prevent from happening.)
Karma plays a big part in this… but it always falls back on YOU. Karma is only keeping the balance. YOU make the decisions.

So, if you want a different life; work on it!
Make a list of things you need changed. Then act on it!
For example:
Surround yourself with only positive, happy and successful people and learn from them.
Go to college again and learn a different skill, to be able to find a better job.
Do some voluntary work and learn from it. Doing something selfless can be very rewarding.
Attend internships and find out where you might have a hidden strength.
Apply for a different job. You can find worldwide opportunities online.
Change your nutrition and eat healthier.
Go to a gym. Or start doing Yoga.
Find time every day to relax.
Call a helpline if you have no one else to talk to – it is important to speak about problems!!! (Any kind of problems.) They are called “HELP”line for a reason.
End abusive relationships (of any kind) NOW!
Look for a new place, new people, new surroundings.
A new beginning all together?

Today the entire world is under your fingertips. The internet opens many doors. YOU have to step through them.
YOU can make the change.

Use your amazing abilities your so incredibly advanced body can fulfil. We were not created to waste our lives on sofas.
Don’t ever settle for second best!
Invest a little bit of work and time now and you will thank yourself for it in the near future.
You are the one who keeps up the boundaries you live in.
Be strong enough to break through. Dare to make a change.
Do it for yourself and the ones that love you.
You will feel the veil lift and you will discover a better world around you. This is a promise!

YOU are the Creator of your Happiness.


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  • March 07, 2015
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