✒ Start Something New

Nothing gives you the feeling of power, satisfaction, freedom and independence than starting something new and realising you’re actually good at it.
The possibilities are endless…

Whenever I’ve started ADORENEON, I knew I was kind of good at creative writing, photography, DIY and crafts… but cooking and baking of that scale for example, was a first.
I’ve got so many compliments, that I had to go on with it. And Oh My Goodness, I don’t want to stop anymore.

Believe me, you have to try it!

Being good at something and getting acknowledgement for it, is like… flying.

Get a hobby. Start cooking, painting, surfing…
Do something you haven’t done before. Something crazy. Anything.
You never know, what possibilities may arise from your little endeavour.

Don’t just say “I can’t craft” and don’t ever do it, everything you can’t do, you can learn, like everything else you’ve learned in life! And practise makes perfect.
It’s not that difficult.

And if you find something that really fulfils you, your life can take an entirely different course for the better.
Dare you… and I promise you, others will admire you for your bravery and skills… a beautiful feeling of pride and superiority.

It’s exactly like they always say:

Life is, what you make of it.


Photo by: MT

  • May 03, 2015
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