✒ 5 Tips To Improve Your Photography Skills

Today every phone has got a camera, some as professional as the expensive big bodied ones.
To get the best use out of them and maybe start your own little hobby career, you may want to start with taking and choosing better pictures.

I taught myself all I know about photography and quite a few people believe that I’m not to bad at it.
I therefor like to share my ground rules with you, a beginner’s guide so to speak:

1) Keep the horizon straight
Always make sure you’re looking for a straight line in the picture/through the lens, a horizon, a lead line… Something to make sure your picture is perfectly angled. You don’t want to have to re-angle and cut precious space off your framing background later that might need to be a part of your picture to make it whole.

2) Keep obstacles out of the frame
Try and keep man made items out of nature pictures, wait until cars have passed.
When you shoot city architecture, try and keep things like scaffolding on buildings, advertisement and other subjects that might spoil your picture, out of your shot. These items draw the viewers attention away from the view the picture intends to provide.

3) Focus properly
Make sure your pictures are sharp in focus. You can shoot the most beautiful picture, but it will have little use for others, if it is out of focus and unintentionally blurred.
Also, if you want to take pictures of people, step closer, don’t take the entire room in your shot.
Closer to the object means more detail and then the people will also not seem too lost in your frame.
Concentrate on going close enough to your chosen objects, to just have (where it suits) the upper bodies in the frame when you take group photos, legs usually don’t do the most interesting things. Chose your frame wisely. Experiment with your objects if they are patient.
Set the focus on the faces when you shoot group photos, not the background.
For portraits, use the 1/3 rule. Imagine your picture split in 3 equal parts lengthwise (left, middle and right). Move your camera so that your object is placed on one of the parting lines, not right in the middle. This adds depth and a professional touch to your pictures.

4) Don’t forget the proper Light.
Experiment with the flash. Better light makes sharper lines and clearer pictures. You will need less photoshop skills after shooting, when you chose the right lighting before.
Sunlight is the best light in my experience. It brings the colours out naturally and gives everything a magic glow.

5) And always take more than one picture of your object.
Today not every shot is precious. Not every photograph will cost you money to be developed, before you can see the one moment in time you’ve tried to document for your future memories, on a light intolerant roll of film.
No, today you can take hundreds of pictures in a few seconds, giving you the chance to miss absolutely nothing. You can always delete the shots you don’t need and save the best ones for later.
Use the opportunity here to experiment with the Focus and Light and you will definitely get a shot that you are happy with.

So, now that you know my personal tricks about shooting great pictures, go out there and use your camera as often as you can! No good story ever started with “I stayed at home…”
Take pictures of everything that inspires you and makes you smile, or things you want to remember. The possibilities are limitless and practice makes perfect.

I would be delighted to read a few of your success stories in the comment section below.

Make your memories last! :)


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  • February 18, 2015
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