✒ How To Plan Your Holiday Of A Lifetime

We all try to aim for inexpensive holidays that we can enjoy to the fullest. Most of us only make it once a year out of reality and into a break we expect to be the finest adventure, we will never forget.
A lot of the result of our experience is dependant on our planning.

So, to really save on your budget and still have a holiday of your lifetime, here is, what you could consider to do.

Avoid expensive Countries
You won’t save any money, if you choose the most expensive get-aways.
There are hundreds of opportunities where you can have your beach, or hiking, or skiing, or sightseeing experience.
Get information material in a travel agency of your choice.
Check online for corky little domiciles, to make your stay more special.

Cheap Flights
First of all, make yourself aware which flight routes you can chose from. You don’t have to go with an expensive direct flight.
Mix and match cheap flights and airlines and make the journey part of your adventure… not just the destination.

Travel light & keep it simple
If you can, only travel with hand luggage. Most hotels have hairdryers and such in the rooms for you to use for free, as well as towels and other necessary utensils, like toiletry samples. Contact your hotel in advance and ask what they offer.

You can also buy toiletries anywhere in the world. If you don’t need it while travelling, leave it at home and save yourself from having to pay for additional luggage.

Also, try to avoid buying souvenirs. Do you really need dust catchers to remind you of the time of your life? Or will your photos and videos do the job?

Tip: Always upload your photos to your online gallery at the next wifi hot spot, to avoid losing your precious memories, in case you’d get your camera/phone stolen.

Another Tip: If you do happen to over-purchase in your holidays, consider sending your baggage that you can’t fit in your travel bag, home in a parcel. That’s usually cheaper than paying for an additional bag on the luggage desk at the airport.

Travel Insurance
Although it seems at first like an additionally purchase you may consider useless, there are only a few things more expensive then when you’d end up in a foreign hospital with a serious injury or illness. Accidents can happen anywhere, so please, keep yourself prepared.

You should have at least temporary insurances that cover your medical/dental, your luggage, your bookings (flights/hotels/cars/…) and also check that you’re covered for your gadgets and your pets if you take them with you. Or get an insurance, where needed.
(If you do take your pet with you, you will need to organise a Pet ID as well, which will take considerable time beforehand. Inform yourself about such, as well as travel medication for your fur-kids at your vet. Also, pets have to travel in crates and may not be allowed to remain with you the entire way.)

Proper Guide Book
Any good guide book will inform you about the most important Do’s and Don’ts in the country you’re planning on visiting, as well, of course, about the cheapest places to stay, to eat at and to get entertained.

Tip: Prepare your trip by visiting the neighbourhood beforehand via Google Earth.

Unlock your Mobile Phone
Most phones are built to be used with different network suppliers.
Contact your supplier and either get the phone unlocked, to be able to use it in foreign countries as well, or get yourself a really good deal on Roaming, to be able to call your loved ones at home and to use the internet, which is these days so essential to many.
Trust me, there is nothing that can put you more at peace than to call home and make sure everyone and everything is alright, while you’re on the other side of the planet.

Tip: If you’re worried about your home and pets that stayed behind, install a cheap online USB camera that you can let run in the background and that you can check on online, whenever you are connected to the internet. Very convenient!

Eat inexpensive
Dine in the smaller local restaurants and bistros. Not only do you get the full experience of country and people, but it is also mostly cheaper than hotel restaurants.

Tip: Be careful with meat, seafood and tab water ice cubes. Especially if your stomach is easily upset.

Couch Surfing & BnB
Private accommodations are mostly cheaper than hotels, with usually also a warmer and more personal experience.

Tip: Call the city information and ask for hostels, Bed and Breakfasts and Private rooms for rent.
you can also try AirBnB and Craigslist to find a domicile for cheap or free online.

Banter for Bargains
Most of the items you purchase in foreign countries are badly overpriced for tourists and travellers. Try to barge with the traders and you might be surprised about how much cheaper you will get what you have your eye on.

Solar Charger Battery / Multiple Country Plug Adapter
something you shouldn’t leave the house with is your power source and the charger cables for your gadgets.
A multiple country Plug Adapter is handy when you have sockets nearby. If you’re less fortunate or in the wilderness, I would rather suggest a solar battery charger, that are available in various capacities.
Charge your gadgets in coffee shops, hotel rooms and anywhere else, where you get power for free.

Water Filter Bottle & your own Cutlery
Another priceless item to own and not just for travels, is a filter water bottle and your own travel cutlery.
Not only will you be good to the environment by doing without disposable plastics; you save a lot of money, by keeping you hydrated with germ free water from any tab or spring; but it is also far more healthy for yourself, in any country. Tab water is nowhere safe.

Tip: Choose a bottle that is robust and in the middle price range. (The cheapest is not the best. You may not have a chance to buy yourself a new one where you’re going, if yours should break.) Take 2 spare filters with you, just in case.

Medication & First Aid
Make sure, that you travel with enough of your medication. Prepare 2 extra days, just in case your flights might be delayed on the way back. If you stay for much longer, you will need a prescription or a letter from your physician to enable you to receive medication in your country of destination/stay.

Also carry some medication for sickness, diarrhoea and dehydration. An insect relief, a gel for burns/sunburn, medication for fever, sterile medical wipes, waterproof plasters and blister plasters, as well as adhesive wound dressings and stretch bandage. Eye wash, small scissors and tweezers, a 1 square meter cloth for bracing splints and fractures. And a small bottle of hand sanitising gel.
You might not be able to purchase any medical supplies in an emergency where you go.

Tip: Make sure you have all your vaccines you need to access certain countries.

Have a Survival Handbook
You can’t go wrong by having a survival handbook with you (on phone, ipad or the pocket version in paper).
It is not just helpful when you have to apply First Aid, or in other emergencies; but also for learning about dangerous animals and insects in the area of your stay… And of course, in case you get lost.

Mini Survival Kit
This may also be essential in many foreign countries and on every hiking trip.
You can find the essentials for ADORENEON’s survival kit here.

Note: If you only travel with hand luggage, flammables, lighters and sharps are not allowed in passenger areas of airplanes.

With all this considered and your travels planned to the dot, you can lean back and enjoy the trip of a lifetime without worries.
Make it the best ever heard of.


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