✒ How To Get Things Done And Stay Motivated

We all have this problem from time to time, that we really have to reduce the amount of points on our to-do list, but don’t seem to have the time, or simply can’t find the drive to tackle the problem.

Between job, college, family, household, hobbies and friends, lots of things get overlooked and put off to another date, because the motivation on your “days off” is often minuscule?
No matter if you work full time, part time or if you just need something to keep you motivated in between your freelance hours, with this printable Weekly Productivity Planner you will be able to schedule your to-do’s, get things done, stay motivated and be able to make more time for yourself and fun things.
It is really just a question of being organised.

You can print this planner for yourself, (or maybe a friend or colleague) and hang it up, to see your victory over your shrinking to-do lists.


Here is what you need to do, in order to succeed without forgetting anything:

1. Make a list
Gather all the Things that need to be gone. And I mean all of them.
Write/type them down in just one place. Get a notebook with topic dividers or an app, that will help you to sort your to-do’s into topics. This prior post of mine will help you organise your mind-maze and paper load.

2. Prioritise your To-Do list
Make a list of all the things that need your immediate attention and plan them into your work weeks. Choose wisely and not more than 10 topics at a time.
After printing this template, you can fill your topics into the left column.
If you plan on following your tasks chronologically through the list, make sure you avoid doing two similar tasks in a row.
What I mean by that is, if you spent the last hour learning for an exam, you don’t want your next hour to be about learning and reading/writing again. Rather chose something next, that’ll exercise your body, instead of your brain again - and vice versa.

3. Fill in the times
I made this a weekly planner, to add your hours of completed work into the empty boxes, next to each task, that needs completion.
You can make it a one-hour-per-day kind-of-thing and set your timer and tick a box when finished, or you write in each box next to your individual tasks the relevant times of the day or the amount of hours you want to spend each day on each topic.
No matter how you plan your week, just don’t forget to keep going and keep coming back to it.

4. Sett your timer
and begin working through your list…
Now, remember, you only have a certain time every day or every other day, to deal with a topic. Take it serious and work through your tight schedule.
The faster you work, the quicker you’re done and the sooner you’ll have uninterrupted time for other things on your mind.

Much success!


Foot note for bloggers:
You could file the weekly to do prints into the same folder that contains your Editorial Calendar, that you can download here. And maybe see, if you could combine your weekly or upcoming to do’s with planned blog posts, and save yourself some time, or even come up with a few new post ideas while you go along. Combining the fun with the necessary so to speak.



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  • July 05, 2015
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