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Before you start grabbing boxes and throwing your physical memories ingo the attic where they get snowed in in dust and you’ll have to deal with them again when you move houses, here is a better idea for all of us little hobby-archivists, who think they might need this or that particulars item some other time to repair or replace something else.

Stop right here!

I know exactly how you feel!
I am a collector too. Most of us are, that’s in our genes.
If we rewind back to cave men times, we’ve had hunters, strong and fast, that would bring the meat home; and collectors, that would pick berries and nuts, to provide the family with other important nutrients. It was essential to collect and hold on to the few things available to survive.

Fast forward to the 21st century.
You can buy what ever you want and need, at any time, anywhere.
You will find as well, that things are not made to last anymore.
It is okay to let go and to make space for new products and experiences.

It is a good thing to remember and to cherish memories, but in the present time, almost everything can be digitalised.
And alone THIS fact makes life and work so much more easy and convenient.

In order to start to de-clutter your life, I suggest to start with your paperwork, as this is usually the most urgent subject to attend.
When this is out of the way, you’ll have already so much done, that the steps that follow, will be easier and faster to manage.
Also, when you have your paperwork in order, you will find, that, no matter what could ever happen to your other possessions, your finances and other essentials will be in order and all in one place.

Now to get there, here is a technique that I have picked up somewhere along the way, that I have used already in Highschool times and that has proven itself to be one of my most valued To-Do’s that I still use on a daily basis.

To get through your work load efficiently, this is an easy way to sort through your paper and receipts piles at home or in the office.

1. You might want to make four piles (to do this efficiently and keep these piles perfectly divided, chose to use boxes or office trays, or similar aids, to help keep the piles from collapsing into each other and preventing you from starting from scratch). Keep a stapler close by!

important & urgent
important & not urgent
not important & urgent
not important & not urgent





2. Sort all your important papers, lists, invoices, etc. in only those four piles … Be critical about your choices. Bin everything else that doesn’t matter anymore. (You could make an additional diary pile for notes, snippets and receipts you’d like to keep for sentimental reasons. But keep it simple.)

3. Make a list
You might want to use an app on your smartphone or tablet, so that you can keep all your to-do’s close by and you’re able to update your progress wherever you are, or to be able at any time to add new ones on. (Look for a To-Do or List app on your App Store.) Or use your Calendar or notebook. Whatever suits you best. Chose smart and find yourself a sufficient methode, you’ll spent a lot of time with your list from now on.

4. Plan ahead
Think about opportunities to get things done… (i.e. Do you spend some time in public transportation every day? Answer emails and safe them as drafts. Send them later, when you have access to free internet again.) Organise well, multitask and mark deadlines with reminders. Get done what you can do today!

5. File
Get yourself a big file or folder, for your paper copies, letters and other documents you REALLY have to keep. (Depending on the country you’re living in, you have to keep certain documents for a certain amount of years, before you can get rid of them safely. (Always destroy them properly, scammers are lurking everywhere!) Use dividers to keep your documents organised.
The smartphone/tablet users might also want to use an app that safes your scan-ins and PDFs in manageable folders. So you’ll always have your most important papers on the go with you. I find this very handy and use such an app daily.

You might want to make a folder for each member of the household, in which you file their personal documents. An emergency folder so to speak, that can then be stored safely and is quickly accessible when needed.

Always remember, you want to SIMPLIFY your world, not to more complicate it. Throw out what you can. Digital space is unlimited … paper in masses is bulky and heavy. Get rid of unnecessary ballast. (Recycle!)
I would also suggest, to look for free online data space instead of buying external hard drives. But if you prefer to have a backup, … double up.

Photo albums, books, music, movies, … Everything can be digitalised and then be taken with you, wherever you go…

… Your then tidy and empty shelves, will leave you plenty of space for new and better projects and memories to come. What a great feeling! /:)

Get rid of your ballast and live lite. ;)


Photo and Image by: MT

  • March 01, 2015
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