✒ The Ultimate DIY Survival Kit

I’ve been outdoors most of my childhood spare time. I’ve been in the Pathfinder group of our school and grew up with a very much outdoor interested Biology teacher as a mother.
I always had my Survival Kit boxes and Belts, that evolved throughout the years.
Here is the collection of my favourites.

You will need things for the following categories:
containers for water & food
first aid
location &

You can adjust your kit to your needs.
If you have any more suggestions, please share them in the comment section below. Thank you so very much!

This is my list:

  • box or belt (where you keep your stuff in… box is better to keep waterproof)
  • survival guide (I recommend the SAS Pocket Survival Guide, small and full of life saving goodness)
  • foldable multi tool pocket knife (your most important tool/weapon)
  • thick longer rubber band (for making a catapult)
  • fish hooks &
    lours/rigs &
    lead weight sinkers (different sizes)
  • fishing line 30lb test (a few meters)
  • para cord (several meters… for making weapons (like a bow), traps, fire starting tools, shelters, or as guide line for when you go into caves,… )
  • matches & striker (dip the match heads in candle wax to keep them dry and wrap the matches in tin foil) or use waterproof camp matches
  • lighter (for making a fire)
  • small candles (to help making a fire)
  • magnifying lens (for making a fire with sunlight)
  • luminescent compass (keep away from magnets!)
  • large piece of heavy duty aluminium foil (for flashing, wrapping,…)
  • day glow duct tape (a few feet long, rolled up tightly to save space)
  • guerrilla tape (1 roll)
  • gum (bubble gum, that you can use as glue, or hole filler)
  • thermometer gauges (for checking temperatures)
  • wire (different lengths and thicknesses)
  • safety pins (at least 5)
  • mirror (to signal)
  • LED flash light (to signal and see in the dark)(if possible, with a solar battery)
  • whistle (to signal)
  • silver and gold first aid body wrap foil (to keep your body temperature balanced)
  • razor blades / carpet knife blades
  • saw blades (for making a shelter)
  • needle and thread set (for holes in clothes; or sterilised, -in only an absolute emergency-, for binding up a cut artery)
  • dental floss (stronger than thread)
  • coffee shop sugar pouches (a handy bleeding stopper for emergencies)
  • coffee filters (for purifying water)
  • heavy duty zip bags for transporting water
  • pen & paper (to make notes of your location and experiences, paper to light fire)
  • mini pegs/document grip clips (to dry your clothes and other uses)
  • vaseline & cotton balls (works well for stopping bleeding of smaller cuts and as paraffin supplement to start fires)
  • Aspirin tablets (pain killer, or insect relief – mixed with water to a paste)
  • survival cravat (arm sling, head covering, tourniquet)
  • alcohol prep pads / sterile wipes (for wound care and to start a fire)
  • band aids
  • nails
  • screw eyes (screw in loops: for fixing cord to trees when building a shelter or making a washing line; or to make a fishing rod)
  • money

If you are planning on transporting small amounts of liquids (like fire starters, medication or wound sterilising liquids) you can transport them in marked straws. Melt the end bits of the straws together, to create small waterproof pouches.
You can also use filled and stoppered syringes, or other tightly closable, small plastic containers. (Don’t use glass utensils, as they can break easily.)

You should be good to go with this collection and survive in the wild.

Enjoy your adventure!


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  • April 13, 2015
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