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Veggie Crisps

✒ Veggie Crisps

These very easy to make vegetable crisps are not only tasty and healthy, but also a creative way to spoil your party guests and get your kids to eat their greens.


✒ Spring Courgette Soup With Croutons

A brilliant filling meal for most weight loss programs.

cherry T

✒ Humous Filled Cherry Tomatoes

A very nice table decoration at any party or BBQ.

purple 2

✒ Purple Cinnamon Muffins

These very tasty Cinnamon muffins will burn your calories while you eat them (thanks to the metabolism speeding Cinnamon)


✒ Carrot & Potato Soup

This easy to make and absolutely delicious, succulent vegetable soup can help you drop the pounds in no time.


✒ Smoked Makrel & Rice Salad

A very tasty and healthy pesci-vegetarian dish for two.


✒ Tuna & Parsley Mash

Fluffy Spring Mash option...


✒ “Hello Spring” Soup

Finest Vegan Spring Soup. More than delicious!


✒ Plain & Cinnamon Doughlings

These delicious Doughlings will bring you right back to your favourite childhood fair memories.

Morning Dew

✒ Morning Dew Humous Rolls

For a quick & easy,delicious, fresh vegan snack, you should try those succulent Humous Rolls.

sweet Rolls

✒ Cinnamon & Raspberry Sweet Rolls

A mix of cookies, pancakes and wafer rolls. Absolutely addictive.

Mushroom Toast

✒ Mushroom Toast

Delicious warm snack made in no time...